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Scott Dozier Found Accused In Nevada Apparent Suicide



Scott Dozier ( November 20, 1970 – January 5, 2019) was an American murderer on death row in Nevada for the 2002 murder of 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller, one of Dozier’s drug associates.

Man, 29, set for sentencing for father’s strangulation, Dean Dozier was 48 when his son, then 24, fatally strangled him in January 2018 in South Knoxville. The East Tennessee man who choked his father to death during a 2018 drunken confrontation said he loved his dad and saw him as his protector and “best friend”.

Joshua Dean Dozier, 29, stated in a Department of Correction presentence report that he cannot recall the night of Jan. 13th when he fatally choked Dean Dozier inside his father’s South Knoxville apartment. He understands his father’s disapproval of drinking.

On the night of his passing, Dean Dozier, 48 a Knox County Sheriff’s Office corrections officer, visited his son who was staying at an apartment rented by Dean Dozier on Gayview Lane.

Friends and family reported that the younger Dozier had been drinking heavily and “talking crazy.” Jennifer Rose, Dean Dozier’s girlfriend, reported that when he went to check on his son, Dean Dozier was recovering from pneumonia.

Police Investigated Of Nevada Apparent Suicide

Scott Dozier

Scott Dozier

Neighbors and police reports indicate the Doziers became engaged in a physical altercation. The woman living directly above their apartment said she heard Joshua shout, “Dad, aren’t you proud of me!” and “You’re turning blue.”

When the first Knoxville police officer arrived to investigate what was going on, Dozier opened the apartment door and revealed his father had been beating him since age 10, according to records. He also threw a cellphone at the officer and instructed them to use it if they wanted; Dozier then closed and locked the door behind them, according to records.

Through a window, the officer could observe Dean Dozier lying on the floor. Eventually, his son decided to cooperate and came out. Authorities discovered Dean Dozier dead on his apartment kitchen floor.

KPD conducted a homicide investigation that included speaking with Dozier’s mother, Karen Allen. Unfortunately, the parents had divorced.

At the time of his father’s death, Dozier had recently ended his relationship with a girlfriend and was feeling the effects of rejection, according to court records. Dozier acknowledged in his presentence statement that his father “taught me everything I know.”

His father disapproved of alcohol consumption, according to him. Police discovered an empty bottle of tequila and 12-count box of Michelob Ultra in a trash can inside the apartment.

Dozier Jr. claimed his father was prepared to fight him the night he killed him. In his presentence report, submitted for Judge Green’s review, Dozier described himself as a “kind, caring and hardworking son and brother – just as my dad raised us to be.”

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