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Betty McFadden: Accused of Setting a Circle K Employee on Fire


According to recent reports, Betty McFadden, a 30-year-old woman, won’t be able to stand trial because of her mental instability. She was charged with putting a Circle Okay employee on fire. Two women were burned in the event, and one of them is still recovering from potentially fatal injuries.

Woman accused of setting Circle K employee on fire will not stand trial

For those who are unaware, the terrible occurrence happened in March of this year. The teenager who brutally burned the worker to death seemed to have been mentally ill, and as a result, she wouldn’t be prosecuted. Check out the article below for more information on the subject.

After a psychological evaluation, McFadden was found mentally ill and was ordered to stand trial.

According to reports, the woman was accused of trying to commit homicide in this case. Permit us to remark that the psychological analysis’ judgment can change after the costs.

According to studies, McFadden loaded a canister with fuel, drove up to the Circle Okay gas station, which is close to Brent Athletic Park at Massachusetts Avenue and North W Road.

Before anyone could open the canister, the woman carrying it entered the store and dumped the contents over Joie Hellmich, a female employee.

Betty McFadden poured the fuel canister on the Circle Okay employee and then ran after her as she crossed the store. She then set her on fire after adopting her with matches.

Another girl went up to assist Hellmich, but she too was burned in the process. Both of the women were transferred to a hospital for treatment due to their serious health conditions.

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However, the patient couldn’t be helped because she died from her injuries. Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons and the police chief described the act as a senseless, almost unimaginable act of cruelty and expressed their thoughts and prayers to the victim and her family.

If Betty’s case is ever brought up, this decision will be overseen by the Florida Division of Children and Families.

The case will be reopened and its status could change if McFadden is found to be mentally compatible. According to jail records, Betty was homeless and was being jailed without bond on a charged of attempted homicide.

At this time, not many information concerning the case have emerged.

However, our team is working to gather the crucial information regarding the case. To receive more of these updates and the most recent information, stay connected to HindiAble.

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