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Randy Suessmetz, Former Creative Director of the New York Times, Writes a Book About Cities


Randy Suessmetz, former creative director of the New York Times, has just written a book, called “Presidio.” His first book, The Great Outdoors, was published in 2007, and was nominated for a National Book Award.

Now, he’s writing a book about the design of cities. He tells us what he knows about how the design of cities affects our lives, and why he believes the current state of design is flawed.

Graphic designer

randy suessmetz yorktimes

Randy Suessmetz is a graphic designer with a bevy of impressive credentials. A well-traveled professional with more than two decades under his belt, he has had the good fortune of working with some of the best and the brightest in the business.

His resume includes a stint at PepsiCo, where he was a top design talent, a stint as a reporter for the Binghamton Times-Bulletin, and an assistant editor position at The New York Times, where he helped oversee the design of the Opinion pages.

In fact, Randy’s tenure at the aforementioned newspaper isn’t over yet. He recently accepted an offer from the aforementioned juggernaut to join the paper’s style team as a Senior Editor of Interactive Design and Development.

With an emphasis on integrating content across platforms, Suessmetz has an eye on what’s next for the Times.

Although he is not a purveyor of aphorisms, he does boast one of the best bĂȘtes noirs in the business.

Notable projects include the paper’s redesign of the Opinion section and its interactive redesign, and the launch of a new blog.

For his efforts, Suessmetz was rewarded with the top honors as the recipient of the prestigious Vanity Fair’s coveted “Best of the Best” award in the print category.

Former creative director at the New York Times

If you’re a fan of The New York Times Magazine, you may not know who its design director is. Gail Bichler began working for the Times as a freelancer in 2004. She was appointed design director in late 2014.

Bichler’s work is based on a deep understanding of the Times organisation, as well as its readers.

This includes a wide variety of digital and print-based innovations, from interactive to virtual reality.

In addition to her design duties, she’s been instrumental in bringing in an in-house design team to help bring new ideas to life.

Bichler has worked in a range of roles, from art director to deputy design director. Her career has taken her from Chicago to New York.

Since joining the New York Times, Bichler has helped build a talented in-house design team.

As her role at the company expands, she will be able to focus more on high-level thinking.

However, she will continue to lead the design team and oversee digital development.

Aside from her work as design director, Bichler is a VP and creative director at Li Inc, a five-year-old agency that works on Buffalo Wild Wings, Seabourn Cruise Lines, CNN, and WSJ Magazine.

She also serves as a board member for the Society of Publication Designers and participates in speaking engagements.

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