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Sanrio Amiibo Cards: What one can use for them

Sanrio Amiibo Cards

Can Scan Special Sanrio Amiibo Cards into Animal Crossing New Horizons for exclusive poster goodies to decorate the house, learning everything to know about Sanrio Cards in this guide.

We first introduced These cards featuring various villager designs inspired by Sanrio characters with Animal Crossing New Leaf’s Welcome Amiibo update. These can exist in a limited fashion with New Horizons too.

How To Get the Sanrio Posters in Animal Crossing New Horizons

One can unlock the Sanrio Posters and all other Amiibo posters by travelling to Harvey’s Island and scanning the comparable character’s Amiibo card into the Nintendo Switch.

Can browse Amiibo figures and cards by taps to the Right Control Stick on Joy-Cons. The Nintendo Switch Lite or fixtures to the Nintendo Switch logo on the Pro Controller.

To get to Harvey’s Island, heading to the Airport and speak with Wilbur at the ticket counter. One can select Harvey’s Island as a destination.

When choosing where one would like to travel, note that one needs to have previously met and spoken to Harvey on the island first for this option to appear.

Once one has unlocks a Sanrio poster by scanning the comparable character at Harvey’s Island.

One can order a copy of the poster item at any time from the Nook Shopping menu whether one has unlocked the app, either the Nook Stop terminal inside Resident Services or on the Nook Phone.

Find the posters under a new tab in the Special Goods section of Nook Shopping. Separate from the regular item catalogue. If one’ records’ an Amiibo sign from another player.

It can be found and re-ordering using the Search function. It may be meant and fixed in a future update, though.

However, it is possible to have a friend with the Amiibo cards scan’s order a copy of a Sanrio poster for one and trade it.

They can even mail one item directly from Nook Shopping by using the “Order As Gift” function when purchasing the sign.

Fun Fact: These poster designs are included with Sanrio Amiibo Cards packaging when firstly released in Japan for Animal Crossing New Leaf.

One will notice that the posters awkwardly have some elements that don’t even exist in New Horizons. Like the Kapp’n unique character, and that is why.

Sanrio Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Unfortunately, the Sanrio-inspired villagers introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf alongside the release of Sanrio Amiibo cards is not available in Animal Crossing New Horizons at this time.

Only content is available for these characters. Amiibo cards are the posters that mention earlier.

However, it also included the Sanrio villagers in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on smartphones in an event last year.

Giving us hope that the collaborative partnership between the Sanrio company and Nintendo is still alive.

Given that many other expecting features are missing in Animal Crossing New Horizons so far. At the same time, we were waiting for future content updates.

It would not be surprising if the Sanrio villagers did not cut the start release and will be arriving later.

It is interesting that including the posters, showing that Nintendo still has the right to include Sanrio content. Inside of Animal Crossing New Horizons, and leaves open the possibility for those villagers to come.

How to get the Sanrio Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Unfortunately, the Sanrio Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards have been out of print for years now. They are making it impossible to find these cards in new condition for anywhere near a reasonable price.

One can check current Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Card prices on eBay. Here if one is interested, but we warn one they are pretty excessive.

Since the prices are so deserving, we do have an alternative options one can check out. Several sellers on Etsy have created custom and exact copies of the Sanrio cards.

Notably, the chips inside them allow the cards to function as actual Sanrio Amiibo cards. It will have good qualities that deserve praise to get the Sanrio posters in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

If one is interested in exploring this alternative option, one can check out some sellers with the listing, custom-made Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards on Etsy.

We usually would not recommend this route because its legality and morality are a little questionable. Still, it gives that the official cards are long out of print. They are making it unreasonably possible to purchase them.

We think it is an understandable choice to make if one needs the Sanrio Amiibo Cards.

Hopefully, he will understand the demand for these unique Sanrio Amiibo Cards and re-release a new batch officially soon. Still, these are the options we’ll have to work within the meantime until then.

So, it is essential information on the topic of Sanrio Amiibo Cards.

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