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Know Where are the Sacramento Kings moving to? [Recent Update 2023]


Sacramento kings moving: Sacramento Sign Lady fans have shown the most passion. After playing two seasons at Key Arena, a new $490 million arena will be built downtown Seattle; with ticket sales and rent money backing it up. Fans paid $200 million towards construction of this arena which will then be repaid through revenue from ticket sales and rent payments.

The news of the Sacramento Kings’ impending relocation to Seattle is a bittersweet one. Sacramento will lose its franchise that had called Sacramento home since 1985, while Oklahoma City will receive its own franchise again after being relocated unceremoniously to OKC in 2008.

Though they and their owners, the Maloofs, haven’t exactly made a compelling case for why they should remain in California’s capital, it is still regretful to see them go.

On the other hand, it’s nice to see such a basketball-crazy city as Seattle get its team back. Now that Christopher Hanson–whose family roots run deep in Seattle–has effectively purchased and relocated the team, we will get to watch our beloved Seattle SuperSonics once more.

With that being said, here are five reasons why this is the best possible course for a franchise as troubled as the Sacramento Kings

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Hansen will purchase a 65 percent share worth approximately $340 million of The Kings franchise, leaving the remainder with minority shareholders.

Truth be told, that’s nothing for a professional sports franchise. Yet, given this franchise hasn’t reached the playoffs since 2006 with Ron Artest leading the charge, it should come as no surprise that they struggle each and every night at Sleep Train Arena.

The Sacramento Sign Lady is the only person who displays any enthusiasm.

For the next couple of seasons, the franchise will play in Key Arena; in the meantime, a brand-new $490 million arena is being constructed downtown Seattle. The public will contribute $200 million and that money can be repaid through ticket sales and rent money; otherwise Hansen himself would assume full responsibility.

Therefore, Seattle can afford to bring a franchise back home at an affordable cost.

Seattle Is a Better City Than Sacramento

As a native of Sacramento, I can appreciate why anyone would want to move away. It’s simply not an attractive city.

Smog that envelops the valley and obscures views of the snow-capped Sierra Nevadas, combined with murky brown water from the Sacramento River, make for an unattractive cityscape.

Beyond the Kings, Sacramento River Cats baseball is the second-most popular sports club.

Sacramento may not be the ideal sports city, but Seattle certainly does. Notable landmarks like the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier rise up majestically in the background of these images.

Seattle boasts two other major professional sports franchises: the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL and Mariners of Major League Baseball.

Seattle Is Growing Seattle Market Share Increases

Seattle boasts a larger market than Sacramento, boasting over 600,000 inhabitants compared to less than 500,000 in Sacramento.

That makes it easier for the team to attract free agents, as people will want to move to Seattle.

Television contracts could provide additional funds to support the team (hopefully). Thus, the club wouldn’t need to rely solely on draft picks like many smaller markets must do.

Seattle having another sports team would be a major boon to its job market, while Sacramento will feel the impact of having another team.

Who wouldn’t want to play in a city where fresh fish is sold at your local market?

Hans Hansen Will Be a Great Owner Chis Hansen will always be a superior owner than the Maloofs – there can be no doubt about that! It won’t even come close!

There’s one thing for certain: the new team in Seattle won’t make poor draft picks. Remember when Quincy Douby was selected in the first round of 2006? It can’t get much worse than that unless you count Kwame Brown, Michael Beasley and Greg Oden.

Hansen will make a better owner because he grew up in Seattle and wants to make his hometown proud. And unlike the Maloofs, Hansen won’t drive this franchise into the ground like they did. He won’t hire Eric Musselman for head coaching position or threaten to move the team to an even smaller market like Virginia Beach; and most importantly, he won’t make an intentional effort to upset fans like the Maloofs did.

DeMarcus Cousins to Age After Move

Finally, DeMarcus Cousins’ development in Seattle should be enhanced.

I know it’s a bold statement, but it could be true. Perhaps a change of scenery will motivate Cousins to smile or at least appear likable. Or maybe he simply hates living and playing in Sacramento!

Perhaps a change of ownership will inspire some change in the man who acts like he’s 14 years old. Hopefully it signals the end of being suspended for confronting the San Antonio Spurs’ radio announcer.

He’ll put all that behavior behind him and become the dominant, humble franchise player everyone expected of him when he graduated from Kentucky.

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