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Who Is Rebecca Louise Press? Why She Is In News?


Officials discovered the body of a New Tredegar welshman last month. Richard Marc Ash, 57 years old, was identified as the deceased man. Rebecca Louise Press, 31, is being investigated for the brutal murder of Richard Marc Ash.

The officials found him dead in the Welsh Mining community last month. For Ash and the entire town, it was a shocking act of murder. Further reports claim that Ash was held in detention by officials for 31 years.

Who is Rebecca Louise Press?

Rebecca Louise Press

Rebecca Louise Press, 31, is being investigated for the brutal murder of Richard Marc Ash.

Even though reports claim that Rebecca denied killing Richard from the beginning of the investigation, there are further allegations.

Rebecca has entered not-guilty plea for an assault that causes bodily harm to women. Local media reports further indicate that Rebecca appeared at the court earlier in the week. She was seen at Cardiff Crown Court.

A Female Suspect Will Be On Trial Next Year for Killing Richard Ash

Local media reported that paramedics and police officers were called in at midnight following Richard Ash’s attack and death. They rushed to Ash’s Elliots Town home, but Ash could not be saved by the medical team.

Rebecca is the main suspect after his horrific Murder. The investigations have proven this. The judge ordered her to remain in custody until January next Year after she appeared before the Cardiff Crown Court.

The investigation agencies were ordered to investigate the grisly murder.

Rebecca is not only accused of murdering Richard Ash, but she is also accused in deadly assaulting another woman the day Richard was killed. Officials have not made public the identity of the woman who was assaulted.

The news was shocking and sensational for the entire Welsh mining community. The father of Late Richard Ash also issued an official statement about the sad death of his son.

He stated that Richard was an admirable man and that his father would have no problem telling anyone who knew him. He stated that he wanted his son to be remembered as a kind man.

Ash’s father has been left devastated and shocked by the loss of his son. Police officers are currently investigating the matter. Rebecca remains in police custody.

In the coming days, we can expect updates and reports from police officers on the case. Stay tuned for all the latest news, updates and information from national and international authorities.

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