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Arson Attack: Mother Of Two Fatoumatta Hydara Died


Arson Attack: Fatoumatta Hydara, Mother of Two, Dies in Blaze Fire After Her Children were Killed in Blaze. A mother from the United Kingdom died on Tuesday 22 November 2022, just two days following the deaths of her daughters in the fire.

According to reports, Fatoumatta Hydara is the name of this woman. She was 28 years old. Fatoumatta Hydara hails from Clifton in Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands and Nottingham.

After two days, a large fire in her house caused her death. Now, it is believed that someone planned to kill Fatoumatta Hydara in the manner she died. The police are investigating all aspects of this case.

Mother of Two Fatoumatta Hydara died

Arson Attack

At 03:17 AM, a large fire broke out in a flat in the same building that Fatoumatta Hydara and her family lived. The fire extinguisher was called in later, and police were also called to assist as the locals couldn’t save the entire family.

Fatoumatta Hydara was critically ill when the incident occurred. She was placed on life support by the Queen’s Medical Center.

Fatoumatta Hydara, who had been in hospital for almost 2 years, died at the hospital. Fatoumatta Hydara was 28 years old. According to reports, Fatoumatta died two days after her children lost their lives.

What have the police said about Fatoumatta Hydara’s demise?

Sources have reported that the police informed the sources that they had closed the high-visibility patrols for the next few days in order to be able reassure locals about the accident.

This is shocking news for the entire community. They are grateful to everyone who was patient and understanding as they searched for the evidence.

Police have stated that they are grateful to all those who came forward to help them in their search for the truth behind the plan to set fire to the Fatoumatta Hydara building and make the whole family die.

Police have asked that anyone with any information about the death of Fatoumatta, Hydara, can come forward to help police find the truth of the matter.

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