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Who Is Ronald Buckley? Laurel Double Murder Suspect Arrest


After being found guilty, Ronald Buckley was arrested by the authorities as the main suspect in a double slaying in Laurel. After a lengthy investigation, the police finally won the case.

Uncounted people began to appreciate the actions of the police and send their appreciations for their hard work as soon as the news about the arrest was being circulated via social media. You will find all the information you need, as well as some undiscovered facts.

Who is Ronald Buckley?

Ronald Buckley

According to the reports, Ronald Buckley, a 19-year old boy, was arrested in Fermont, Ohio, following the Jones Country Crime Stoppers’ report.

Although initially the case was not taken seriously, police began to gather more evidence and they were forced to make all the necessary adjustments. Once they received the crucial one, they took him into custody without much fuss.

Because the defaulter was a fugitive during this free period, changing several spots and appearing in multiple cities. He is now under the control of the authorities, which is appropriate.

Suspect in Laurel Double Murder Arrest

According to reports, Ronald Buckley, who was reportedly shooting two people at Lopers Laundry West 10th Street, Mary Ann Collins, executed the fatal act on Monday 24 October 2022.

Both of them died instantly, while the other victim was seriously injured. He had to be transported to the hospital so that the medical staff could heal him. The victim was able to give his statement after being healed from their fatal injuries. Police have taken further action against the suspect, whose primary involvement is behind all of these.

Uncounted reactions began to hit the headlines as soon as the news was circulated via social media. People are expressing anger while applauding the police for taking strong action to bring justice to the victims of the tragedy.

A tsunami of reactions erupted on social media as thousands condemned the actions of this criminal who, at age 19, was carrying a gun and had the potential to kill another person. These details were derived from other sources. For more information, please follow chopnews.

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