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What is r/NBA? Here Is The Top Events of This r/NBA Subreddit


The NBA subreddit, also known as r/NBA, is a place on Reddit where basketball enthusiasts discuss and analyze the league. Over time, Redditors have shared many interesting things there from highlights and news to analysis and theories.

bnm making it the 76th most popular subreddit on Reddit. Notably, r/NBA ranks 10th in terms of daily comments per user, showing how active this community can be.

Recently, the subreddit experienced controversy regarding Jaren Jackson Jr. and his home stats. A post received nearly 67,000 upvotes (likes), becoming the 13th most popular post on the subreddit.

Top 5 Moments from the NBA Subreddit

1) Kobe Bryant’s passing

On January 26th, 2020, Kobe Bryant tragically passed away. His passing shocked not only the NBA community but also his fellow Lakers players around the world – particularly within its subreddit.

Bryant’s memorial post is currently the most popular r/NBA post of all time, boasting more than 107,000 upvotes – the only post ever to surpass 100,000 on this subreddit.

2) The NBA Shutdown

In 2020, NBA fans had to endure a lot. Less than two months after Kobe Bryant’s passing, the league was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rudy Gobert, then of the Utah Jazz, tested positive for influenza A virus which ended up postponing his playing career for several months.

The NBA subreddit’s post about this news has already received 99,286 upvotes, making it the second most popular post.

3) Criticism of LeBron James

In 2019, Daryl Morey issued a tweet in support of Hong Kong. At that time, Morey was serving as general manager of the Houston Rockets and received widespread condemnation for it. In response, China decided to remove all Rockets games from their country’s schedule.

LeBron James declined to discuss the political tension between China and Hong Kong, noting that Morey hadn’t been properly educated on the situation before sending his tweet.

These remarks by James have sparked a storm of criticism around the league, with fans and analysts condemning him for his remarks. The NBA subreddit has given 94,433 upvotes to a post featuring Max Kellerman’s critiques of James.

LeBron James has always been vocal about the issues facing America, yet he held back from criticizing China due to the financial loss it would cause him.

4) James Harden’s Strip Club Visits Analysed

James Harden loves strip clubs and the NBA subreddit is well aware of this fact. To analyze Harden’s performance in each NBA city, user AngryCentrist decided to do a detailed breakdown.

One Reddit user attempted to establish a correlation between James’ performance and the city’s average strip club rating.

In the end, he provided sufficient evidence to support the assertion that star players perform worse in cities with higher-rated strip clubs.

This NBA subreddit post has received 89,128 upvotes and is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball takes ever made.

5) The Uvalde shooting and Steve Kerr’s remarks

On May 2022, a tragic mass shooting occurred at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Tragically, 22 people died and 18 were wounded – leaving many grieving families in its wake.

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