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Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Biography


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Biogarphy of Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Birth and Parents

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was born on the year 14 October 1801. He was a Belgian physicist and also a mathematician.

Joseph was one of the first people to explain the illusion of a moving image.

He used to rotate in the opposite directions disks with repeating drawn images. In small increments of motion, one is regularly spaced along in the other.

He called this device of the year 1832. It is called Phenakistiscope.

His father’s name was Antoine Plateau. He was a talented flower painter. At the age of just six could already read, making him a highly talented child in those times and but attending primary school. He was very fond of impressed by a lesson of physics.

He was doing by the experiments he observed. Auguste Payen was his cousin. He later became an architect and the principal designer of the Belgian railways.

At the very young age of fourteen, Plateau lost his father and mother. It caused the trauma, and this loss made him fall ill too.

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Education

Plateau finished studies at the University of Liège. Joseph was graduated as a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences in the year 1829.

In the year 1827, Plateau became a teacher of mathematics at the Atheneum school in Brussels.

Joseph Antoine Career and Experiments

In 1835, he was appointed as a Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Ghent University.

In the year 1871, he became his collaborator. Later his first biographer.

Plateau is strongly attracted by the opposition of luminous impressions on the retina. Plateau performed an experiment in which he shines directly onto the sun for 25 seconds.

Joseph lost his eyesight later in his life with this experiment. On the loss to experiment, this is not only the case. But he has instead suffered from chronic uveitis.

In 1872, Plateau became a foreign member of the Royal Netherlands in fields of the Academy of Arts and Sciences.

In the year 1832, Plateau established an early stroboscopic device. Phenakistiscope is the first device which to give the illusion of a moving image.

Plateau also studied the fact of capillary action and surface tension.

Joseph Plateau Marriage and Children

In the year 1840, Plate married the named Augustine–Thérèse–Aimée–Fanny Clavareau. They had a son a year later.

I had a daughter named Alice Plateau. She was then married to Gustave Van der Mensbrugghe.

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau famous Culture

On the year 14 October 2019, Google started Plateau with a design on its 218th birth anniversary.

Animator, Filmmaker, and Designer created this design. The Designers, namely Olivia Huynh, Diana Tran, and Tom Tabanan.

It is the first Google design with a different artwork showing up across different device displays like Desktop, Mobile, and Google App.

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Death

Joseph Plateau died in place of Ghent in the year 1883.

So, this is important information on the topic of Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau. He was a successful physicist and also a mathematician.

From his childhood, he was very fond of the subject of physics. Through that, he invented many of the experiments and designs. He’s one of the very important experiment names is called Phenakistiscope.

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