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Uppum Mulakum

Uppum Mulakum is a Malayalam serial broadcast on the Flowers. It premiered this show on the year 14 December 2015. It has crossed around 1,000 episodes in the year 2019.

Uppum Mulakum’s Family

The serial tells the everyday life of Balachandran Thampi, his wife Neelima, and their five children. The main star casts are Biju Sopanam, Nisha Sarangh, Rishi S. Kumar, Al Sabith, Shivani Menon, and Baby Ameya.

Uppum Mulakum’s Career

Actress Juhi Rustagi, who played the character of Lechu but she left the show in the year January 2020 when this reached around 1013 episodes. Baby Ameya also joined the show as the newborn baby in the family in the year May 2018.

Biju Sopanam is playing the role of Balachandran, that is, Balu. Actress Nisha Sarah plays the role of Neelima. Kids from the channel Flowers Cookery show called Kuttikalavara are also part of this show. Kuttikalavara’s actors Al Sabith and Shivani Menon play the role of Kesavan and Shivani, respectively.

In the year July 2018, Nisha Sarangh raised some allegations of sexual harassment. It is against the serial director R. Unnikrishnan after which, the Kerala Women’s Commission registered a case against him. Nisha decides to continue in the serial after the channel, assuring that she will replace the director.

In the year February 2020, the important cast actors had some issues. Set against the scriptwriter, due to which, they all walked away, much to the audience’s disappointment sooner than later. The scriptwriter’s changing solved all the problems, and the crew was back in action.

On Flowers TV afterward, this serial started a behind-the-scenes program of Uppum Mulakum. The serial name is Uppile Mulaku and host by Nandini Nair. It is also dubbed in Tamil as Uppum Karavum on the Flowers Tamil YouTube channel. They have also put up special episodes during the festival of Onam.

So, these are the points mentioned above on the topic of Uppum Mulakum. A series in Malayalam language telecast in the Flower channel. This serial is very popular and has reached the success of so many episodes.

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