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How to make a Discord PFP Avatar Online


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Discord PFP Avatar online

How to make a Discord PFP Avatar Online

It is one of the most characteristics of one thing aspects of Discord. It is the flexibility that has between one server and another. For many server characters, one has the freedom to change their profile’s nickname.

So one can go by the various names in different communities. But anyone’s profile picture is also known as PFP or avatar. It has to remain the same in all servers and even if anyone an admin.

Means that any Discord PFP should be just right with the use of an image JPG or PNG or a GIF for the PFP. It should represent the Discord personality. Many people will use an action, icon, anime, or cartoon character instead of a photo; here are few examples from the Kapwing Discord server to design a custom PFP. It must make the image or GIF file outside of Discord upload it to to the Discord profile as an avatar. The Discord does not have any editing tools inside of the PFP media uploader. But one cannot rotate, Filter, crop, or add padding to any of the images once that upload it to make a custom PFP avatar and upload it to Discord.

Here are the Few Steps:

Find one’s PFP avatar

Find what character or personality that one wants to use for the base of the PFP. Many people choose something that represents themselves with a character, moment, illustration, abstract drawing, or cartoon.

Find the server that you are joining and look at the other people’s PFPs to get an idea of what anyone. 

If I wanted to make a PFP of Zelda from Smash Bros, I used Google Image Search to find the foundation image that I wanted to transform for my PFP.

Upload and Resize the PFP

Now, head to Kapwing.com and then click Start Editing; get Started with a new Studio project by uploading any image. I pasted the URL of any idea into Kapwing.

No matter where one is in the Discord, then the profile picture is a circle. Unlike many platforms like Facebook, your profile picture remains circular even when the users click on the profile. So one should make it circular to starts.

Once the picture is uploaded to the Studio, click the Crop option to crop it to a square. Then, once any have a square image, click Done Cropping to return to the Studio.

Back in the Studio, select the image layer and drag the Rounded Corners with the right button. Now the Discord PFP is a perfect circle. One can choose to make the background transparent whether anyone wants to.

Add the Text, Erase background, and an option of Filter

If the Discord PFP is done, one can download it by clicking the button Publish to get the circular version. However, one can also use Kapwing’s other tools to make anyone’s PFP avatar look unique than just the image.

Remove the Background: 

Use the Erase button if any want to remove the background of the picture. A common PFP avatar idea used a magic wand to erase Zelda’s option and upload an image of flames for the environment.

Add an overlay: 

Use the Adjust button to change the color or contrast of the PFP to add Text, stickers, GIFs, or overlays with the Text and Images tools.

These can especially useful if one wants the PFP avatar to represent a fashion such as Black Lives Matter, Pride, or a particular hashtag. One can also add emojis directly to the canvas from the Upload modal.

I use Image Search to find a Pride overlay tool with rainbow stripes and used the Adjust tool to make it a half degree.

Add a border:

 Using the Outline button in the column’s right hand to give the PFP a colored edge. One can increase or decrease the thickness and resize to make it the own.


 Add and style the reader to send a message or make the profile picture with a meme; choose the Text button in the upper toolbar to add a text box.

Once someone enters the text to use tools, it is on the screen’s right side to customize its font, color, style, position, and animation.

The discord option also lets you upload GIF files as animated avatars. To make the PFP a GIF, add a text animation or a video clip. Once one made a clip of about a second or less, select the Settings button in the upper right to look like a bit of gear and choose the GIF option to process the avatar as an animated GIF file.

The current file size limit for the PFP is 10.24 MB. It means any GIF avatars should generally be under a second long and have a white background rather than a transparent one.

How to add it to the Discord profile

When you are done making the Discord PFP, then choose to Publish to process the file and then Download to save it to the device.

Add picture Discord profile, go to the profile settings on a desktop to look a gear in the bottom left and in the mobile app’s bottom right button on the main screen.

Choose the Edit option and click or tap on the profile avatar to browse through the files and upload your new, circular PFP. Since one should format it already and won’t need to reposition the picture, it will be ready to go on all the servers.

It is vital information on the topic of How to make a Discord PFP Avatar online.

If Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on the viewpoints.

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