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Buss It Challenge Gone Too Far: Only Fans Creator Slim Santana


Buss It Challenge Gone Too Far: Only Fans creator Slim Santana stunned fans with her rendition of the fresh new “Buss It” challenge, which has been trending on Twitter for a few days.

The ‘Buss it’ challenge has gone viral on social media in recent days. Many African Americans have since made their own versions of the Buss it challenge video.

Women are seen dancing and twerking to Erica Bank’s viral 2020 song Buss it in the videos.

After she posted her own version of the Buss it challenge, many netizens argued that Slim Santana, another prominent musician and an OnlyFans originator, had taken it too far. Find out what went wrong.

Buss it challenge by Slim Santana has gone too far

Buss It Challenge Gone Too Far

Slim Santana’s ‘Buss It’ Challenge in a white robe stunned social media, and people have been commenting to the x-rated video on Twitter.

People are seen shifting from a casual look to a full-glam version of themselves in the Buss it challenge. So far, celebrities such as Chloe Bailey have taken part in the challenge and left a positive impression on their fans.

People usually light dance to Erica Banks’ Buss it and then appear in their glammed-up rendition as the chorus drops.

Slim Santana is an OnlyFans creator with more than 100,000 Twitter followers. Santana is shown wearing a white robe in her rendition of the Buss it challenge, and as the chorus ends.

Fans see her completely naked and having intercourse with a male. Naturally, the x-rated video was removed from all social media platforms, but it was shared in one community.

Here’s how social media users reacted to the “buss it” challenge that went too far

The Twitter hashtag for the silhouette challenge is #silhouettechallenge.

The silhouette challenge has been popular on social media recently, with a number of people uploading and sharing their versions of the challenge.

The silhouette challenge requires the user to stand in a doorway and pose in such a way that the camera only captures a black silhouette. A red background is required for the black silhouette. This is how you do it.

• Go to the camera screen in the Snapchat app.

• Press the ‘explore’ button in the bottom right-hand corner after clicking the smiley face icon to the right of the camera button.

• Type ‘vin rouge’ into the search bar.

• When you click the filter, it will be applied.

• WARNING: This article contains material that may be considered NSFW. While reading the article, viewers should exercise caution.

Reddit (u/kcnudes9900) is the source of this image.

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