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Buss It Challenge Gone Too Far: Only Fans Creator Slim Santana


Buss It Challenge Gone Too Far: A few girls lost too much weight and went too far during the buss it challenge. These girls were Chloe Bailey and Jordyn woods. Slim Santana was also among them.

Jordyn Woods

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Despite her sexy sexy relationship with Tristan Thompson and Jordyn’s name, Jordyn has been ridiculed by the Kardashian-Jenner family for years.

She has been the subject of a lot of controversy, as her name suggests. She was accused of many sexual offenses, including groping and kissing.

The scandal that led to her being accused of sexual misdeeds, including kissing and groping, was followed by humiliations and the severeing of all ties.

Despite all the vitriol, she was able to get on the TikTok radar by posting a series of beautifully choreographed videos.

TikTok, a mobile application that allows users to upload and to share videos of any kind, including music, sports, and the odd kooky, is for the uninitiated.

Woods has over 300,000 followers. Her efforts have paid off. She still stands out from the crowd, despite her sexy sexy nickname. She also holds the title of “sexiest TikTok” star in her class.

Slim Santana

Slim Santana took last week’s Buss It challenge to the next stage. In just three days, her video was viral and received over 1.1million views.

She also has a Twitter account with more than 73K fans. Slim Santana, an American model and social media celebrity, is Slim Santana.

She began her career in TikTok, and then moved into the online world. She also has a Twitter account where she posts videos and other content.

She is part of the OnlyFans community and also has a TikTok profile. She is also an Instagram user. She has over 5,000 Instagram followers.

Slim Santana’s Buss It Challenge was posted on TikTok January 23. The video received applause from celebrities and reached 2.6million views in just a few days.

Because it is rated x, this video stands out from the rest of Buss It Challenges. Slim Santana’s Buss it Challenge video is attracting attention because she went too far with the challenge.

It also generated reactions from viewers. Some were stunned, while others applauded her. Others made fun memes.


The Buss it challenge on TikTok was elevated to a new level during the past week. It became viral, and it now has over 2.2 billion views on TikTok.

It was a huge boost for the adult entertainment industry. It was also too ambitious. In the beginning, Buss it was a casual challenge in which participants wore casual clothes but then changed to more formal attire.

The challenge has evolved into a transformative challenge, where participants dress up in evening clothes. This trend was started by Slim Santana.

She is an African American woman who is based in America. Her OnlyFans page has more than 800 followers. The viral video of her Buss it Challenge was posted by her.

The Buss it Challenge went too far. The video was explicit and was not intended for that purpose. It became a warning tale. Reddit and Buzzfeed shared the video. People couldn’t stop creating memes.

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