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Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3

Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4 After a decade-long run, the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin is finally wrapping up – and it’s going to be an epic battle.

Fans are excited to find out what Eren has in store as the anime airs over two parts.  part 3, will air in Japan March 4th, followed by Crunchyroll broadcast later that month. This is everything you should know.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Eren’s Rumbling

The Rumbling is a series of attacks that Eren Jaeger has started to wage on the world outside Paradis. His plan is to destroy all life on Earth by unleashing millions upon millions of Colossal-like Titans.

The city walls, known as Titans, have kept them away from giant man-eating humansoids.

Eren’s mother was kill in a massacre and his desire to end this brutal rule led him to travel across the world in search of a way to become free from Titan tyranny.

This anime’s final season has taken an even darker turn than the previous ones. Some scenes depict titans destroying entire cities and towns.

There is also an amazing sequence in which a crew member of a ship dies from being trapp beneath the steaming Titan. It feels like the final episode of the show will be the most action-packed and intense arc to date.

Reiner’s War

Marley continues to fight the Mid-East Allied Forces four years after Paradis Island’s defeat of the Warrior Unit.

Marley dispatches Eldian soldiers like Falco Grice and his brother Colt to help in the fight. Reiner’s cousin Gabi Braun is also present.

This warrior program aims to utilize Eldians/Titan Shifters in Marleyan military operations as tactical advantages. This scheme could also serve to debase and destroy the Eldian population.

In the meantime, Zeke proposes a plan to reclaim the Founding Titan through the use of the Nine Titans.

He convinces his fellow Marleyan soldiers to support him in this mission, but the Warriors realize that he lied about his death.

During this time, Reiner is struggling with his feelings and is force to kill Marco. He feels more secure than ever after this traumatic event.

This is the first episode in which Attack on Titan focuses on characters who aren’t part of the Titans’ team and it does a superb job at making it feel as real as possible.

Lara’s Crystal

Attack on Titan has been one of anime’s most popular series for the past decade, thanks to its dark fantasy plot, macabre action, superb voice acting, and nuanced social and political themes.

Its final season has been release in a weirdly sporadic manner, with parts of the story split in two.

The manga was adapt by MAPPA into twelve episodes in Part 2. This made it feel that the story was ending. That’s not the case in Part 3, which has  split into two separate halves and will air in Japan on March 3.

As a result, fans are understandably curious as to how the series will end. The MAPPA team doesn’t have sufficient source material for a strict film adaptation. Therefore, it is likely they will opt for a slower, more animated approach for the last episode.

Zeke’s Death

We’ve witnessed many characters pass away throughout Attack on Titan. While some of them have been genuinely tragic, others have come out on top and are still standing strong.

As we near the conclusion of Part 3, we know that some of these characters are going to die, but which ones have survived and are likely to make it to the end?

One of those characters is Gabi, who’s been through a lot and has managed to stay alive.

Zeke, on the other hand, has had some major brushes with death over the course of Season 4, but he’s still holding up well.

He’s still consider to be the Strongest Warrior, but he’s also a huge threat and has caused many deaths over the course of the series.

Despite his seemingly miraculous recovery, it looks like Zeke is about to take a major blow in the final episode of Season 4. We’ll have to wait and see if he manages to survive Levi’s final attack.

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