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Who Was Gunjan Dangwal and What Was His Cause Of Death?


Gunjan Dangwal passed away recently, according to reports on the internet. He was a well-known Indian performer.

He was primarily known for his fog music, which he used to create Pahadi tunes. Uttarakhand’s music scene has been shaken.

Everyone is shocked and saddened by the news. Many people are quite interested in hearing about the news, and they want to know what caused his death.

We have more information about the story here, and we will try to cover everything in this piece, so let’s get started. Get more updates on chopnews

Who was Gunjan Dangwal?

Gunjan Dangwal was born in Tehri Garhwal, India, on September 4, 1996.

He was a resident of Uttrakhand. He was a well-known Indian vocalist, composer, and director.

He graduated from GB Pant Engineering College in Ghuddaudi Pauri, Garhwal, with a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

He completed his education at New Tehri High School.

He had never been married. And there’s no mention of his girlfriend here. Kailash Dangwal and Sunita Dangwal were his parents.

He informed folks about this via a Facebook post. Gunjan has built a name for himself in the Uttarakhand music scene in a short period of time due to his hard work and dedication.

When the names of the top music directors in Uttarakhand are tallied at this time, Gunjan’s name is included.

He used to blow everyone away with his use of music and unparalleled lyricism in every presentation.

What happened to Gunjan Dangwal?

Gunjan Dangwal, according to the report, has died. On the 18th of June 2022, he breathed his last breath in Chandigarh. He died when he was 25 years old.

He perished as a result of an accident, and he died instantly. His family and friends are devastated by the news, as they have lost a beloved member of the family.

Throughout his career, he garnered a lot of respect from the public.

Many individuals are heartbroken and devastated by the news of his passing.

He was a fantastic singer. More information about the news may be found by scrolling down to the next page.

Gunjan Dangwal’s Cause of Death

Gunjan Dangwal is a well-known name in Uttarakhand’s music scene.

Gunjan Dangwal was said to have gone to Chandigarh for some work.

In Panchkula, he was the victim of a horrible accident. Gunjan was killed instantly in this mishap. Pahari was recently in Gunjan practicing for A-Capella 3.

The incident happened between 4 and 5 a.m., according to family members.

He had left his home in Tehri displaced colony in Banjarawala, Dehradun, during the night with a buddy he was meant to see.

When Gunjan did not call him back, he made twenty to twenty-five calls on his cellphone. He then went to the cops.

He was driving his Swift automobile alone at the time of the accident, according to reports. As soon as the accident was reported, his parents left Dehradun for Chandigarh.

They should arrive in Doon by late evening. Gunjan is a very good musician, according to Ranjeet Singh of Rhythmist A Plus Studio, who has worked with him.

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