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Who was Jessica Matthew and How did She Die?


A “Western Province and Maties hockey player” Jessica Mathew passes away, tributes pour in: We’ve come to deliver some unfortunate news to you.

Jessica Matthews, a hockey player, went away on the 14th of June 2022, on Wednesday.

Her death was confirmed by her Somerset West Hockey Club, which published the news of her death on social media, writing, “We get the news of Jessica who we lost, regrettably.”

She was our team’s top player, having appeared in numerous matches with us and providing us with amazing memories. Let’s find out more about her.

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Who was Jessica Matthew?

She was a hockey player for the Somerset West Hockey Club, according to sources. Jessica died, according to one of her friends, after playing a game for Maties hockey.

We have some information on her family, as she has a mother named Natalie and a father named Paul, as well as a sister named Victoria.

She had competed in several games at the state level, winning numerous prizes and bringing honor to her squad.

What caused Jessica Matthew’s death?

Her cause of death has yet to be revealed, according to information. People are very concerned about her death and want to know what caused it.

However, no information concerning her demise has been released to date.

Her relatives, on the other hand, will inform her of the reason for her death and will inform her of her death as soon as possible.

Obituary for Jessica Matthew

Jessica’s family is receiving a lot of emotional support from a vast community, and many people are willing to help them in any way they can.

Though the family has not yet revealed the circumstances of the funeral, they will shortly provide the details of her obituary.

Many people have traveled long distances to pay their respects during her funeral.

Her family want for everyone to meet her because she is gaining popularity.

However, because she died on June 14th, her family can schedule her burial within the next two days. Keep in touch with us till then for additional up-to-date information.

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