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Genshin Impact Leak Shows Appearance of New Fontaine Character


Recent Genshin Impact leaks provide more details about a mysterious new character that will join the Fontaine region.

Genshin Impact recently leaked the identity of a character set to debut in Fontaine, the next major region.

HoYoverse continues to expand its roster of playable characters with each update including five-star and four-star heroes alike.

Genshin Impact update 3.4 has added two Dendro characters, Alhaitham and Yaoyao, who were featured on the first banner cycle of this update.

Furthermore, a Special Program event hosted for version 3.5 confirmed that the next update will finally introduce five-star Pyro character Dehya and four-star Cryo polearm user Mika.

On the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, Captain R (known to fans as Captain R) has recently undergone some design changes that were previously hinted at when a huge leak revealed 10 new Genshin Impact characters that will appear in Fontaine.

According to this post, Captain R has gone through some significant changes and many fans believe this could be her final version before release.

Several comments have speculated that her design suggests she will likely be an Electro character since other playable units with that element share similar elements.

When it comes to her exact release date, there are still no reliable leaks. But players can expect her to join the roster once Fontaine region launches.

Rumors have suggested that Fontaine will be very unique from any other region in game; its main city may be attached to a vertical platform and surrounded by multiple waterfalls.

Fontaine is believed to be located west of the current Liyue region and north of the recently released Sumeru deserts.

A reliable Genshin Impact leaker named merlin_impact has reported that some existing regions like Mondstadt may receive significant expansion before Fontaine arrives.

Recently released artifact piece “Symbol of Felicitation” suggests the Geo region has another port besides Liyue Harbor, leading many players to speculate it will appear in the upcoming Liyue expansion.

This new Yilong Port is expected to be located on the western part of Liyue and could serve as a connecting link between this region and Fontaine nation.

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