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D Preethi: Telangana Medical Student Dies


It is with heavy hearts that we report the news of D Preethi, a first-year postgraduate student of Kakatiya Medical College in Hyderabad who attempted suicide on Wednesday, February 22, 2023.

She was reported dead Sunday night after her attempt; four days after being reported as deceased by police sources on Tuesday night.

It’s truly tragic to think someone could take someone’s life so quickly; she was an incredibly talented and bright student at this renowned institution who attended to pursue her aspirations.

On Wednesday, February 22, 26-year-old medical student D Preethi took her own life after being harassed by her senior at Kakatiya Medical College.

She was found unconscious after working the night shift at MGM Hospital and was taken to Hyderabad in critical condition; now an arrest has been made in this case.

As per Preethi’s father’s complaint, Mohammed Ali Saif – a second year postgraduate student – has been arrested by police on charges of ragging, aiding suicide, and harassment under Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Who Was D Preethi?

During the investigation, police detained the victim’s phone and whatsapp chats from both phones which indicated ragging had taken place.

Narender, her father, stated they had already complained against a senior student of the college and hospital authorities but no action was taken against them.

Now her family has refused to allow the body to be moved from NIMS, Hyderabad for postmortem and then back home for final rites.

There was widespread fear among students at Hyderabad college that more people may be detained in connection with this tragic case that claimed the life of a talented student.

Protests took place outside NIMS at Hyderabad, Kakatiya Medical College and MGM Hospital at Warangal from various lambada tribal unions.

T Harish Rao, Health Minister paid his heartfelt tribute to D Preethi in her time of extreme suffering and offered his deepest condolences to her family who is also going through intense grief.

Rao noted that doctors at NIMS worked tirelessly for hours on end to save Dr Preethi but were ultimately unable to save her as her condition deteriorated. All necessary support will be extended to Preethi’s family during this difficult time.

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