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FBI and MI5 both Agencies Warned About the Increasing Threat In China


FBI and MI5 both Agencies Warned About the Increasing Threat In China: The intelligence chiefs warned that China “poses the most long-term threat” to the economic and national security of the UK, the US, and their allies in their first joint appearance.

US And UK Security Services Warn Of China Risks

The heads of the intelligence services of the United States and the United Kingdom, MI5 and FBI, respectively, have issued warnings about the growing long-term threat that China poses to US and UK interests.

FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that the Chinese government “poses the most long-term threat” to economic and national security for the UK, the US, and allies in Europe and internationally on Wednesday at MI5 headquarters in London.

By meddling in our politics (and those of our allies, I should add), the Chinese government is attempting to change the course of the globe, according to Wray.

Wray issued a dire warning, claiming that the Chinese government “is bent on stealing your technology” and “poses a much more significant threat to Western enterprises than even many clever businesspeople recognize.”

According to Wray, the Chinese government’s hacking campaign is “larger than that of all other major countries combined.”

Ken McCallum, the director general of MI5, stated that the agency has already “more than increased its previously-constrained effort against Chinese activity of concern,” adding that it is conducting seven times as many inquiries as in 2018.

China urges people to cease spreading misinformation

China criticized the US and British security services on Thursday in response to the allegations.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, asserted that “facts have fully demonstrated that the US is the biggest threat to world peace, stability, and development.” “.

“We urge this US official to adopt the proper viewpoint, see China’s developments objectively and rationally, and to cease disseminating false information and making careless remarks.”

Challenge that will change everything

According to McCallum, the UK has cooperated with 37 nations over the past year to assist them protect themselves against cyber espionage. In May, the UK also successfully stopped a sophisticated threat that was aimed at vital aerospace companies.

The “biggest game-changing problem we face” is the Chinese government and its “covert pressure across the globe,” according to McCallum.

Wray warned that China might attempt to annex Taiwan, which it views as a province, and that if that happened, “it would represent one of the most terrible business upsets the world has ever seen.”

China has adopted a more assertive foreign policy under Xi Jinping, the country’s president and leader of the ruling Communist Party, joining Russia in an effort to lessen the power of the US and its allies.

While criticizing Western sanctions on Moscow and blaming Washington and NATO for inciting the war, Beijing has declined to condemn Russia’s offensive in Ukraine.

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