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Shaping Your Career with an Interior Design Course in Bangalore


Do the rich-boho and classic-contemporary designs entice you? Do you have an innate visual construct? and want to mold it in the right direction? If creating an aesthetically pleasing space is your passion, the interior design career path is your ideal choice!

The interior design industry is extremely versatile. And if you’re from the Silicon Valley of India, you
can enroll in top design schools and build expertise in niche-specific interior design segments.

This includes spatial designer, lighting designer, production designer, color consultant, etc. Pursuing an interior design course in Bangalore is a great option, as it has some of India’s top design schools.

Here’s a helpful guide to shaping your career with an interior design course in Bangalore-

Polish your skills from the right design school

The most crucial step to kick-starting an interior design career is to find the right school.

It is where you learn the fundamentals of interior designing, space management, color theories, and much more. Taking
creative risks, designing visual structures, and styling with logic and aesthetics – are some vital aspects of designing that requires expert guidance and support.

Leading institutes like Pearl Academy are an excellent option to enroll for an interior design course in Bangalore, even if you are a 12th graduate.

Master crucial skills

If you opt to become an interior designer, you are already good at arranging spaces, styling, and color manipulation. However, to become a professional, these aren’t enough. Understanding more profound.

concepts like digital imaging and walk-through simulation is possible by using interior design software.
These software vary depending upon the specialization:

Some of them are –
● AutoCAD
● Photoshop
● 3Ds Max
● Sketchup
● Autodesk Revit
● Infurnia and more.

Mastering these skills by taking an interior design course in Bangalore will give you hands-on experience and an advantage over competitors.

Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio that expresses your style is required even if you are a student or a fresh graduate. If you did not work for a paid client, include your self-projects, college work, or internship projects. You can get creative with how you lay out your portfolio; however, the following pointers are essential –

  • Sketches or drawings
  • 3D images
  • Images of the final look with good lighting that sets the mood of your design
  • Testimonials from clients or a project head
  • Design intentions
  • Layout and mood boards add extra value
  • CV
  • Contact information

Establish a brand identity

After completing the course and receiving your interior designing certificate, you can join an interior design firm or launch your own brand. To build a brand that resembles your design style, answer these questions:

  • What is my unique style?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What solutions can I focus on providing the target audience? 
  • Is there an untapped market with huge capital?

Answers to these questions will be a turning point and help you establish a niche. You must then build a website and establish your social media presence. Some of the best social media platforms include – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Houzz.

These platforms will not only bring attention to the brand but also get you high-paying clients and boost your networking game. 


Nothing worth comes without practice and hard work. So don’t wait around if you wish to build a proficient interior designing career. Enroll for an interior design course in Bangalore from leading institutes like Pearl Academy to stay ahead of the pack. And most importantly, keep networking even when you are a student until you build your brand and succeed in your field.

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