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Detroit Police Officer Killed In Shooting: ‘We lost a hero’



A 5-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department was killed Wednesday night after being shot by a suspect using an assault rifle, and the community and department are in sorrow.

Detroit police officer and suspect die

Detroit Police Officer Killed In Shooting 'We lost a hero'

Around 7:30 p.m., the victim—a husband and father from the DPD’s 2nd Precinct—responded to the report of gunfire at Marlowe and Joy Road.

He was wounded by a guy brandishing a Draco assault weapon there. As he took damage, his teammate retaliated by firing, killing the shooter.

Detroit Police Chief James White said, “It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform our department and our community that we lost a hero today. “Our cops are inconsolable,”

The officer died from his wounds at Sinai Grace Hospital after being brought there.

According to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, there is “so much violence, it just seems like there is nowhere in this country you can go and be secure.” “But there are certain people, including police officers, who don’t think that. The family is in the hearts of the entire community tonight, and we will support them at every turn.”

The officer came from a long line of police officers; his identity has not been released until his family has been notified.

According to the family, Duggan claimed that the cop who died had a calling.

The family of our deceased officer described him as someone who had a purpose for the community and was doing what he loved, and the rest of us just spent time with them, according to Duggan. “We owe all the cops who are working for us our thanks. Additionally, we have a debt that we will never be able to pay off as of right now.”

According to Chief White, the officer’s father just left the police force.

“My family is experiencing loss. This was not necessary to occur, “explained White. “How do you explain what I just had to tell a mother and child? It is revolting.”

White argued that both the violence and the assaults on police officers in the nation are abhorrent.

White declared that there was “too much gun violence in this city and in this nation.” “Our officer has since made the ultimate sacrifice. For you and me, he risked his life. Even after this call, our cops are still performing it right now. It’s enough already.”

Late today, Detroit Mayor Duggan issued the following statement:

“Tonight, the mindless violence that is wreaking havoc on our nation has come all too close to home.

Our slain officer has a debt of gratitude that we will never be able to pay off.

He sacrificed his life to protect his fellow Detroiters and to serve his hometown. His family is in the hearts of our entire city tonight, and we will walk alongside them during the challenging days ahead.”

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