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Disaronno-A Smooth Almond Flavored Liqueur


Disaronno, one of the most well-known Italian liqueurs, is very popular. This liqueur, sweeten with almonds, is make in Saronno (Lombardy), Italy.It’s mae with apricot kernel oil and bitter almonds.

Disaronno Origins

Disaronno is a smooth almond-flavour liqueur that many people around the globe enjoy. .

The origins of the liqueur can be trace back to Renaissance times. Bernardino Luini was a Leonardo Da Vinci artist school member task with painting a Madonna fresco. This was in 1525.

Legend has it that a Disaronno liqueur was gift to the artist by a local innkeeper as a thank-you for his hard work. It was a huge success and became a very popular European liqueur.

This liqueur with sweet almond flavour is one of the most loved in the world. This liqueur has a mild almond flavour and can be mix with cocktails.

It can add sweetness to sour drinks like the Amaretto Sour. It can be use as a standalone mixer.


Disaronno is a liqueur of Italian origin from Italy. It has an amber colour and tastes like almonds. This liqueur is extremely popular.  It can be combine with other alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

Disaronno’s main ingredient is apricot oil. It is infuse with 17 herbs, fruits, burnt sugar and absolute alcohol. This creates a unique, silky taste.

Disaronno’s first impression is a delicious, nutty scent.

Its creamy, boozy almond flavour is very similar to amaretto. Soft vanilla notes balance the scent.

These Recipes

Disaronno is an Italian liqueur that has been around since 1525. This distinctive flavour is sweeten by almonds and has a nutty, delicious flavour.

This liqueur is infuse with apricot kernel oil, alcohol, burnt sugar, and 17 selected herbs and fruit. Many people enjoy its smooth, velvety flavour.

It has a distinctive flavour with almond notes and sweetens it. It is often use in cocktails and mixed drinks.

This refreshing and light liqueur is great for brunch or parties. It’s easy to make and requires only three ingredients.

It is also gluten-free and has a long shelf life. It is an excellent choice for people with allergies to nuts.


Disaronno Originale, an amaretto liquor made in Saronno (Italy), is one of the most loved liqueurs. The unique aroma and taste of Disaronno Originale are due to a combination of alcohol, apricot kernel oils, and burnt sugar.

Because of its mild almond flavour, it is excellent for mixing with other ingredients to make various drinks. You can enjoy it as a standalone ingredient or in cocktails.

Only a few ingredients are neede to make this drink. A squeeze of lemon juice, 1/2 cup of soda water or sparkling water, and 1 ounce of Disaronno are all you need.

This refreshing and delicious drink is perfect for summer. This is an excellent way cool off after a long day or to keep on hand for a party. For a more potent drink, you can add a splash of bourbon.

Before serving, shake the cocktail thoroughly. You can add sugar and flavour to the cocktail by adding a glass of coke.

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