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Oscars Will Smith Expresses Disappointment Over Oscar Snub For King Richard Performance


Oscars Will Smith has been one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors for two decades. Despite receiving multiple Academy Award nominations over the years, he did not secure one this year. When the 2020 Oscar nominations were released this month, Will Smith shared his disappointment at being overlooked.

Disappointed, But Not Surprised

Oscars Will Smith

Will Smith was widely praised for his role as King Richard, the father of tennis greats Serena and Venus Williams. The movie received positive reviews from audiences as well as critics alike; however, despite all the praise surrounding his performance, he did not receive a nomination for Best Actor.

Recently, Smith expressed his disappointment without seeming surprised. He said, “There’s a lot of disappointment out there – I was surprised and still feeling somewhat let down.” Smith continued by explaining how difficult it can be to predict how the film industry will react to a movie; “I don’t have any prescience about what will happen, but I remain optimistic.” Despite these setbacks, Smith remains proud of both the film and the performance he gave in it.

The Academy Awards’ Diversity Issue

Smith’s absence adds to a long list of perceived injustices at the Academy Awards, including its lack of diversity among nominees in recent years. Many expected Smith to receive a nod as part of an effort to diversify contenders; however, he wasn’t alone in being overlooked.


Will Smith’s response to his Oscar snub highlights the growing concern about diversity and inclusivity in Hollywood. The Academy must address these issues and take steps to guarantee that actors of all backgrounds receive recognition for their performances.

Meanwhile, Smith fans can still appreciate his excellent work in ‘King Richard’ regardless of any awards or nominations it may receive.

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