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Tyreek Hill 40 Time Speed In The Nfl Speaks For Itself: He Is Currently The Fastest Player In The League.


Tyreek Hill 40 Time On Sunday night’s remarkable Kansas City Chiefs playoff win against the Buffalo Bills, which featured 25 points combined in two minutes of regulation time, streek hill time made a spectacular catch-and-run for an incredible 64-yard touchdown.

It was just one of many incredible moments that unfolded towards the end of regulation for Kansas City Chiefs fan Tyreek Hill to celebrate with teammates after scoring their 25th touchdown of the day!

Watching Kansas City wide receiver Travis Kelce flies past defenders had many in awe as he proved to be the fastest NFL player


Tyreek Hill 40 Time

Evidence for these claims comes mainly from the NFL’s Next Gen Stats (NGS), which for years has collected data from tracking devices installed at each league venue and radio-frequency identification tags on players’ shoulder pads and game balls.

Some of the interesting stats produced by NGS number crunchers include quarterbacks’ aggressiveness percentage (how often they throw into tight coverage), running backs’ average time behind the line of scrimmage, and receivers’ average separation from closest defenders when completing a pass target.

Since 2016, NGS has provided data to the public on the fastest ball carriers in each season, measured by their maximum speed on certain plays. For 2021, Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor set the highest mark at 22.13 mph on his 67-yard touchdown run against New England Patriots in Week 15.

Considering his other four and fifth-highest speeds this season, should Taylor be considered the NFL’s fastest player?

Hill has proven himself the master of consistency this season, scoring 14 times this year on which he hit 20 mph or more while carrying the ball – six more than any other NFL player according to NGS data.

Last season also saw his 12 such plays become league records; additionally, during 2018 and 2019, his 24 top-20 mph runs were 10 more than New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley had achieved in that span of time.

In 2016, Hill set an NGS record with his kickoff return speed of 23.24 mph; San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert followed with 23.09 in 2020, and Hill also holds third place with his 22.77 mph time from another 2016 game.

Hill has also shown incredible speed when not in possession of the ball, such as on two long touchdowns scored by then-Kansas City running back Damien Williams in 2019.

On both occasions, Williams broke free from defenders only for Hill to chase him down with top speeds of 22.81 and 22.64 mph; one play even broke into NGS top 20 by hitting 21.33 while traveling 84 yards; on another play against Minnesota Vikings, Hill easily beat Williams into the end zone despite being five yards behind with 60 yards remaining on his teammate’s route.

From NFL Films’ Damien Williams about Tyreek Hill 40 Time beating him to the end zone on his 91-yard touchdown run against the Vikings: “He’s going to try and embarrass me on TV!” pic.twitter.com/kczeMrjIsi

Most football fans are familiar with players’ times in the 40-yard dash. Unfortunately for Hill, however, his participation at West Alabama’s pro day and subsequent dismissal from Oklahoma State due to charges of domestic abuse in 2014 was unclear.

Hill did run a reported 4.29 seconds at his West Alabama pro day but this measure of speed is widely considered less reliable than what can be found at an NFL draft combine.

Hill’s time of 4.29, if accurate, ranks among the best times recorded at the combine since electronic timing began in 1999.

The best 40 times recorded since that date – 4.22 – was set by wide receiver John Ross in 2017, although his number of highlight plays and overall statistics are still far from matching that of Tyreek Hill’s 40 Time.

Many fans have noted that the 40-yard dash doesn’t always translate to “game speed,” or the speed a player can go when wearing full pads and uniform. Reports vary on exactly

how slow Jerry Rice was when running the 40, but that didn’t stop him from running away from defenders on his way to becoming the greatest wide receiver of all time.

Fastest NFL Ballcarriers on Plays Ran Since 2016 (Per Next Gen Stats)

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In addition, how fast a player can go in short bursts is often more significant. By some metrics, Hill stands alone among NFL running backs.

NGS data revealed that Hill led all players last season in speed off the line of scrimmage when running corner, post, go, and crossing routes. On corner routes alone, his speed reached 11.34 mph within one second of snapping the ball.

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid finds the most impressive aspect of his star wide receiver’s speed to be its relentlessness.

“What truly amazes me about him,” Reid remarked about Hill in November. “Not only his speed and agility, but his endurance as well. Normally you don’t see that. His nickname may be ‘Cheetah,’ but he’s nothing like one – usually they burst and then rest for eight hours or so – not this guy.”

“He amazes me every single time,” we exclaimed.


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