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Cardo Dalisay And Lola Flora Scandal [Explained]


Cardo Dalisay And Lola Flora Scandal: It’s a smart idea to do some research before you jump on the latest mo cardo or lola flora scandal. You’ll be able to avoid drama by knowing the facts.

Relationship status

Season 5 of Ang Probinsyano continues the story about Mo Cardo’s fight against corruption. Cardo made a vow to stop those who wanted to drain the country of its resources after the death his brother. Lola Flora, his grandmother, is his constant support. Cardo’s family is not happy with him.

Alyana, Cardo’s girlfriend, was reluctant to marry him because of his past failures. Lola Flora, Cardo’s grandmother offered to help him in the kitchen. Alyana’s family doesn’t approve of this decision.

Armando, who is a trusted helper, is not happy about Cardo’s decision. Cardo on the other side is certain that he is doing what is right. Cardo also thanked Armando for all his support. He continues to charm Alyana.

Task Force Agila continues to lose faith in its enemies. They believe Mariano is the true president. Albert insists on capturing Cardo alive. He also implements strict measures in the hospital.

Lily, on the other hand, takes advantage of the up-and-coming situation. She uses Renato’s grand setup interview to her advantage. She also makes use of Albert’s knowledge about Cardo’s plans, and his assistance in preparing for fight.



Much discussion has been held about the expenses of the search mo Cardo as well as lola flora. The two women have joined forces to spy on each other, despite the fact that Flora and Cardo are somewhat difficult to find. Although it appears that the two appear to be friends, the truth is that they are not.

The search mo Cardo’s expenses show that there is more to the story than two people sitting in a darkened room. One thing is that Flora and Cardo don’t speak well together and Cardo doesn’t like the way things are in the country.

The two get into a little bit of a fight, and the showdown ensues. Cardo prevails in the end. However, a fight over a bottle champagne spoils the proceedings.

Flora is the most obvious suspect. She is too old for spying but is not too old to make it back. Albert, on the other hand is determined about his mission and has already taken some very strict measures in the hospital. Vicky has been persuaded by Albert to follow his orders despite his resistance to the above.

Family life

Many social media users are buzzing about the latest developments in Mo Cardo’s family life and the lola Flora scandal.

Although it is true that both characters are still trying to figure out their relationships, it is still fascinating to see what happens if Cardo can win back Alyana to become the police chief.

Alyana is initially reluctant for Cardo to marry her. Alyana eventually gives her heart to Cardo. Cardo ensures that Alyana’s family is aware of his decision. Alyana is also closely monitored by him. He proposes to her eventually.

Alyana’s family is not happy with Cardo’s decision. Marco on the other side is reluctant to allow Alyana to join him at his restaurant as they believe she’s going with the Cardo family. Marco also opposes Alyana going to Lola Flora. Cardo eventually succeeds with his plan.

Armando, Lolita and Lily form alliances. They are planning to seize Don Ignacio’s resources. They are disappointed that Don Ignacio is already in a poor state.

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