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Brandon Colligan Passes Away At 26 [Know The Cause]


Brandon Colligan Passes Away At 26: The sheriff’s office in Waupaca County announced Friday night that a 26-year-old man reported missing earlier this month had been found deceased.

The details about him, the cause of his death, and the obituary details are listed here. So, let’s have a look at the data shown below. Follow more updates on chopnews

Who was Brandon Colligan?

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Wisconsin Oshkosh University and has worked in the business and public sectors.

We don’t know anything about him because none of the websites have published his personal information.

Nonetheless, our team is working to learn more about him. We will certainly tell you as soon as we receive new information on him. You can learn more about the cause of his death below until then.

What happened to Brandon Colligan?

A missing report was filed with the police station on June 10th. He was last spotted in Stevens Point with a companion. He never returned after that.

His pals said that he was acting strangely and that he had gone to fetch an unknown object. His car was discovered at a relative’s house after 12 hours.

His phone and wallet were also in his vehicle. Brandon Colligan was found deceased on June 17th, according to a sheriff’s statement.

Brandon Colligan Cause of Death

Tyler posted on Facebook that his brother was discovered deceased in his abandoned truck.

He’s letting everyone know that he’s no longer alive.

He also stated that if you are suffering from anything, you should tell me, one of your friends, or anyone else. The officers were unable to determine the reason of his death.

The search for the person who killed him is still ongoing.

The police officers also issued a statement saying that anyone with information on Brandon’s murder should call the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office.

Brandon Colligan Obituary

People want to know why he died, and they want to pay tribute to him in many ways. His family likewise refuses to divulge the specifics of his obituary.

On social media, people are paying respect to him.

His college friends are also on the lookout for the person responsible for their friend’s death. When we learn more about him, we will be sure to update this article.

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