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Who is Craig Meehan Step Dad of Shannon Matthews?


Craig Meehan: The kidnapping of SHANNON Matthews, a schoolgirl who vanished in 2008, enthralled the nation.

Shannon’s mother, Karen Matthews, was dating Craig Meehan at the time. He was not a part of the extortion conspiracy, but he was arrested for having child pornography in his possession during police investigations.

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Who is Craig Meehan?

Craig Meehan is Karen Matthews’ ex-boyfriend and a convicted paedophile.

For around five years, the supermarket fishmonger lived a home with Matthews, branded “Britain’s Most Hated Mum.”

They lived on the Dewsbury Moor estate in West Yorkshire, around a mile from the Batley Carr location where Shannon was discovered.

Meehan was never charged in the kidnapping of the nine-year-old.

Craig Meehan involved in Shannon Matthews’ kidnapping

Shannon’s kidnapping was not carried out by Meehan.

After officers confiscated computer equipment from the residence they shared in Dewsbury at the time, he was accused and convicted guilty of possessing child abuse photos.

Meehan, who was 22 at the time, was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison in 2008.

Craig Meehan’s relationship with Karen Matthews

Meehan and Matthews had been together for five years.

When Matthews organised the kidnapping of her daughter with his uncle, Michael Donovan, the two were together.

When Meehan was just a boy, he met the mother-of-seven, who has five children with five different husbands.

When Matthews was in her late twenties, the youngster would hang out in the street outside her house.

Shannon had been seeing Matthews for about four years when he vanished, and they remained together until Matthews’ trial.

Meehan continued to declare his love for the cruel mother throughout her trial for child abuse and perverting the course of justice.

He told the court that they had a “fairly nice relationship,” but Matthews feared he was cheating on her with a coworker at the grocery.

Matthews first told a similar account, but then abruptly changed her mind.

When testifying in court, Matthews attempted to paint Meehan as a violent rapist and blame him for Shannon’s kidnapping.

Craig Hometown

Since his release from prison in 2008, Meehan has been transferred five times.

He was initially placed in a home in Keighley, West Yorkshire, but after being attacked, he was relocated.

Housing authorities provided him alternate housing in the town, but he was soon exposed and sent 20 miles away to a village near Huddersfield.

His time in the affluent community, however, was cut short when neighbours learned of Meehan’s presence.

He then returned to Dewsbury.

What happened to Craig Meehan?

Meehan was exposed in Dewsbury, where he lived within 100 yards from a primary school.

He’d been living in a teeny-tiny back-to-back terraced property on a quiet, family-friendly street just yards from a school.

It was close to the residence he shared with Matthews and Shannon when she was kidnapped.

Angry neighbours discovered Meehan, who is on the Sex Offender’s Register, and he was approached by a father whose children attend the school.

Many residents were taken aback by the paedophile’s return to the area, where he is “well known.”

The 30-year-old has been moved once more.

It will be the fifth time since his release from prison in 2008 that he has secured alternate housing.

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