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BMC Full Form| What Is BMC And BMC Work?


BMC Full Form: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is a local government in Mumbai, India.

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is the abbreviation for Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai is another name for it (MCGM).

It was previously known as the Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay until 1966. (MCGB). BMC is India’s wealthiest municipal body, with an annual budget exceeding some of India’s smallest states.

BMC Full Form and work of the BMC

The Bombay Municipal Act of 1888 established it. Its responsibilities include city administration, civic infrastructure, and Mumbai’s outlying territory. Trishna Vishwasrao was the corporation’s first female corporation, taking office in 2015.

Elections are used to choose corporators. They are tasked with enforcing the law, providing basic civic infrastructure, and serving as liaisons between the BMC and the city’s residents.

Corporators have the authority to assess the corporation’s functions and to exercise control over financial and budgetary matters such as determining tax, authorizing contracts, and distributing cash, among other things.

The BMC is led by an Indian Administrative Officer (IAS), who is also known as the Municipal Commissioner. The Corporation Counsel is the name of BMC’s legislature. For the first time, a single ward had more than 30 participants in 2017.

BMC functions are as follows

  • Street, road, subway, and flyover construction and maintenance
  • Roadway, street, and subway cleaning and illumination
  • To make a concerted effort to avert epidemics.
  • Keep track of births and deaths and have control over all crematoria and cemeteries under its authority.
  • Maintain health and sanitation across the city by managing garbage collection and disposal, water supply, and sewerage disposal and treatment.
  • Maintain records of urban property and, if necessary, enforce building codes.

To build and maintain parks and public areas and ensure coastal safety by providing lifeguards and other beach amenities.

Major Functions of BMC

As far as the work of BMC is concerned, we all know that it is a Municipal Corporation which mainly performs many important tasks like cleaning the city, repairing roads, removing illegal occupation and many more. Following are the main functions performed by BMC.

1. Road construction- The first task of BMC is to build roads in the city, to build new roads and to repair broken roads, that is to maintain them. Repairing the roads from time to time so that no accident can happen, construction of new roads to save people from traffic also comes under these.

2. Construction of Flyover- Construction of flyover in cities also comes under the work of BMC, construction and repair of new flyover and maintaining the bridges so that the safety of the people running on the bridges is maintained.

3. Care of cleanliness- The main reason in the work of BMC is to take care of the cleanliness of the city, their main objective is to maintain the beauty. Many sweepers are employed for cleaning, who clean the city and play an important role in maintaining its beauty.

Arrangement of Lighting- Along with beautifying the city, lighting the streets of the city is also one of the functions of BMC.

4. Removal of illegal occupation- BMC has to take action against those who forcefully grab large houses and government land illegally and remove the occupation of those illegal lands.
The work of water supply- The work of supplying water in the city is also of the Municipal Corporation.

5. Cleaning of drains- Cleaning of drains and making new drains, renovation of old ones, removal of water is done by the monopoly municipal corporation. It is the responsibility of the Municipal Corporation to fulfill these tasks, it is in every city that they discharge their functions.

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