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How Motorcycle Rider Bad Kitty Died? Know His Death Cause


A shocking piece of news is coming to the front where it is reported that Bad Kitty has died after meeting with an accident. Yes, you read that right.

Sources confirm that a fatal motorbike accident claimed the life of the rider. Well, it has not been revealed if Kitty was a male or a female so it would be better to address the rider as them.

According to reports, Badkitty was involved in a fatal motorbike accident in the early morning hours of Thursday, November 11, 2022. Get further details below.

It is said that the rider was pronounced dead at the hospital. On their Facebook page, it was written that “I love you so much, cat. You were my soul mate and my eternal companion.

You constantly inspired me to do and be better. You raised my daughters as your own and treated them with affection. Without you, I’m not even sure how to go on”.

Writing further, they wrote that Kitty gave them so much strength in so many ways that they never thought they possessed. They are still in disbelief and mad heartbroken as they want them back.

What Happened To Bad Kitty?

This rider looks to be a part of a group, which engages in risky behavior to build a larger YouTube audience.

In the opening scene of the video, the rider, Max Wrist, can be seen pulling a wheelie while moving at nearly 100 mph (160 km/h), overtaking several automobiles on a two-lane road with oncoming traffic.

The video is obviously uncomfortable throughout, but the spine-tingling horror begins at 3:46. Wrist’s camera appears to have stopped recording after the incident, but his riding companion captured what happened next.

As they near a steep left corner, the Wrist and the vintage Mini are both moving swiftly.

The Mini driver moves to the right, possibly in response to the camera bike coming up from the left, entirely ignoring the already-in-progress reckless stunt.

The driver of the Mini seems to have only now realized this as he jinks to the left again. The Mini and motorcycle appear to be in immediate danger of crashing in slow motion.

Unfortunately, the motorcycle crashes into the barrier after the near-miss and lands on the shore. The bike is then launched into the oncoming lane by the Mini driver’s wrist, saving him from being hit a second time.

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