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Elvis Presley And Ginger Alden Relationship Story


Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis explores the life and relationships of the King of Rock and Roll. However, it neglects Ginger Alden, who was also in his life at that time.

The biopic focuses on Elvis’ marriage to Priscilla and their relationship with Lisa-Marie. However, Elvis did have a relationship after they divorced and even proposed to Alden shortly prior to his death.

This is all you need to know about Elvis’ relationships.

How Elvis Presley met Priscilla

Priscilla and Elvis met at a party while he was in Germany serving the U.S. Army. He was 24 years old and she was 14.

Three years later, Priscilla’s family allowed her to move to Memphis in Tennessee. Elvis was a resident of Graceland. They were married three years later when Priscilla turned 21 and the “Hound Dog” singer was 32.

They remained together for six more years, 1967-1973, and welcomed their daughter Lisa-Marie in 1968.

Priscilla has been speaking about their marriage ever since his death. She spoke at the “Elvis Direct From Graceland” exhibit at the Bendigo Art Gallery, Australia, March 2022. She admitted that things were “difficult” at first due to the media attention.

She said that the beginning of their marriage was difficult. However, she knew what was ahead of her because it was something she saw at an early age.

“That was when I stopped reading magazines or papers in grocery stores.

Priscilla had previously stated to People that she was “nervous” about him being alone during their marriage, as he always attracted the attention of other women wherever he went.

She said, “Women gravitated towards him, so it would be nerve-wracking when he had the responsibility of going places alone. I would even go along with him to clean his teeth!

“I kept an eye on him because everyone was after him.

Priscilla and Elvis remained good friends despite their divorce . She even spoke to him before his death.

Linda and Elvis Thompson

Elvis was unfaithful while they were together, but Thompson would often forgive him for cheating.

Express: Thompson, the icon musician, said in November 2021 that he loved women. Sometimes, he loved too much. He was a bit too much sometimes.

“I chose not to. I didn’t have the choice. We were best friends. We were friends, lovers, and kindred spirits.

Elvis’ Last Days with Ginger Alden

After his divorce from Thompson and a brief affair with Mindi Miller, Elvis began to date Ginger Alden, whom he dated for nine years until his death at 42.

Elvis proposed to Alden just two months after they began dating. She has spoken about how he looked forward to their wedding days in the days prior to his death.

Express: Alden stated that Elvis was looking forward to many things. He wanted more children, marriage, and serious films, and that he would be back on tour.

He was happy, we had just set the wedding date hours before and he said that he had been away too long. He was eager to return to the stage, which he loved with all his heart.

“This day began with excitement and hope for Elvis, but ended in heartache & disbelief.

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