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Ludwig Nuts Ball Reveals Leaked Video on Reddit



Twitch star Ludwig Nuts Ball Reveals Leaked Video on Reddit. Ludwig Agren was left speechless when he received donations and was duped with an amusing punchline. Jump King has since become an outrageous platformer on the largest Twitch streamer, where objects require extraordinary patience to complete.

On August 11th, xQc’s Jump King livestream ended in disaster and they quickly made headlines for their lack of professionalism. Twitch streamer Ludwig also streamed Jump King on August 14th and his stream had an interesting moment too – not caused by the game but due to viewer donations!

The Ludwig Stream donor asked: “Hey Luther, do you have any plans to create another stream to blow up those spheres? Can’t seem to remember what it was called.”

Ludwig was as helpful as ever, answering honestly: “Mumbling? Marbles? Absolutely. Though I don’t recommend making them too often; the flavor can get stale.”

Moments later, however, as the donor concluded his joke, the gavel fell and text-to-speech voice announced: “You have bullets in your mouth.”

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After being led directly to the punchline of a classic joke, the streamer was left speechless. They refer to Ludwig’s stream where he raced marbles against each other to the finish line with orders written out by viewers on Twitch; these could range from scratching racing stripes on his head to tipping his Twitch moderators.

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Ludwig should exercise caution when making future donations, as using the word “murmur” could spell doom for his efforts.