15 ULTIMATE THINGS TO CHECK WHEN MOVING TO YOUR NEW HOUSE: Moving into your new home is an exciting adventure. It peaks into a new chapter in life. I bet it’ll feel like, “new home, new life”. However, moving to a new home can be challenging as well. Especially if you’re not prepared to make the BIG MOVE.

Planning and looking for the perfect location is like shopping, it feels really good. Whereas, on the day of the move, it is quite hard work especially if you don’t have enough hand for help.

Don’t do all the meticulous planning by yourself, let us help you.

At Removalists Brisbane, they will not only offer reliable services but also reliable tips for you to get prepped up on your big move!


  1. Find the Home You Need. Before moving to a new house, you need to find an appropriate spot. It could be an apartment, condo-type, duplex, or a mansion. Whatever type of house you pick, make sure it’s the one you truly need. Apart from the type of property to pick, consider the number of your housemates. If you’re a couple about to start a new family, then might as well consider a decent size home. If you’re living independently, then pick a 1 bedroom apartment or share it with a friend. As long as the new house you’re moving in will fit-in to your current lifestyle and income, you’ll never go wrong with that.
  2. Prepare a “Possession Inventory”. Now you’ve found the right house to move, next thing you’ll prep is an inventory of your belongings. Make sure you’ve listed all your stuff from the smallest to the biggest. It’s good to keep track of what you currently have now so you know how much stuff you’ll need to move out.
  3. Do Away with Stuff You Don’t Need. Stick to the “new home, new life” vibe and don’t bring clutter in your new house. That’s why organizing your belongings by doing an inventory is essential. You can organize your stuff from a prioritized category. You may use excel or just a nice sheet of paper and you may now easily track your stuff. This way it’s easier to get rid of the stuff you don’t really need.
  4. Mark Your Calendar. The worst moving thing that can ever happen is forgetting your “move day”. If you’re the type who’s always out and about, then you’ll need to mark your calendar as a reminder. This will also help you to plan your packing schedule before the move. You can divide small chunks of tasks to make it easier.
  5. Set and Plan Your Budget. Moving is not cheap. Ensure that you’re financially stable and prepared for the extra expenses that involve. You might need to keep track of how much you’ve paid for the new house, either you purchased it or rented. Either way, you’ll still need to spend on moving fees and maybe furniture upgrades as well. With the right plan in hand, your budget won’t suffer.
  6. Decide Ahead If You Want To Move Yourself or Hire Movers. It’s understandable that if we can, we’ll move our stuff by ourselves. One of the many reasons is: to ensure safety logistics of belongings, to save extra bucks, and maybe dealing with your belongings on your own terms. Whatever you decide, ensure that you and your family members or housemates have agreed on it.
  7. Pick a Reliable Mover. One Google search can lead you to tons of house movers anywhere in the world. The deal-breaker when picking a reliable mover is their good services and budget-friendly fees. Movers need not be pricey, as long as they have good reviews about their services. Movers will not only save you from hassles but it will also help you save time.
  8. Heads up your Family and Friends on your Big Move. Nothing is more exciting than announcing that you’re finally moving into your dream home. Friends and family will surely be delighted to know about this great news. You’ll never know they might surprise you for a housewarming party or even help you pack your belongings.
  9. Secure your Important Documents. Your birth certificate, marriage certificate, diplomas, and other confidential documents are on the high-priority list. Before anything else, make sure these documents are secured to avoid scammers and fraudsters from using your identity. Organize them and store them in your car if needed.
  10. Make sure to Cancel Utilities and Subscriptions. It’s important to inform the electric and water utility agency for the change of address. Even for your monthly subscriptions of internet and telephone. You don’t want to pay for the bills that you didn’t use. Make sure cancellations were made before moving out.
  11. Have your Pets covered? If you’re moving-in in the same city, then no problem. You can easily hop them inside your car. But if you’re moving somewhere far where you need to fly, then consider looking up for pet policies or laws concerned. Make sure they won’t be left behind.
  12. Pack your belongings safely. It’s important to note that your stuff will go in a long way. Wrapping them safe and tight will bring them no harm. Mark those furniture or items that are fragile. Movers will be aware and handle it with care.
  13. Valuables and Specialty Items must be separately packed. Jewelry, antiques, and sensitive electronics must be wrapped with quality packing materials. You may also declare those items to your movers and have it insured just in case.
  14. Pack your essentials separately. Daily essentials are important to come in handy. See to it that you have a separate bag for those to easily access when you need it. To avoid inconveniences have this special bag ready for immediate use.
  15. Clean Your Old House. Be a good responsible tenant and clean the house before moving out. You may do it yourself or hire professional cleaners. Take note that your landlords may charge you for any damages that your clutter has done. Say a proper farewell to your landlord and hand them a newly cleaned house.

We hope that after reading our tips, you’re all set for your new adventure! I can’t wait to hear from you and help you in your new home.


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