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Black Religious Leaders Demand a Nationwide Home Depot Boycott


More than 1000 churches from Georgia represent black religious leaders. They are calling for a boycott of Home Depot. They claim that Home Depot has not spoken against a state law restricting voting access.

Reginald Jackson of African Methodist Episcopal, the group’s leader, stated that Depot has been silent and indifferent to his attempts to rally opposition against the Republican-sponsored bill.

Home Depot

Black leaders demand that Home Depot be boycotted nationwide.

A group of black religious leaders has called for a boycott of Home Depot, America’s largest home-improvement retailer.

11 Alive reports that the group will announce their boycott Tuesday at a press conference.

Depot is boycotting the protest because it has not done enough to resist Georgia’s controversial voting law SB 202.

Major League Baseball and other businesses have already criticized the Republican-backed law, which restricts voting in Georgia.

Bishop Reginald Jackson from the African Methodist Episcopal churches stated that he repeatedly tried to contact Home Depot executives but was unsuccessful.

He also met with representatives from other Georgia-based companies like Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola, but they refused to speak out against the law.

Jackson said that Jackson and other prominent figures had decided to delay the boycott until further notice. Jackson and other leaders will visit Georgia-based businesses such as urge them not to support the law.

Home Depot Responds

Georgia’s black religious leaders demanded a boycott of Home Depot on Tuesday in protest at the silence of the home-improvement giant over a new voting law critics claim amounts to voter suppression.

They also criticized Depot for not listening to them and engaging with them in the past months.

The call for a boycott of the U.S. has been triggered by a crucial race in Georgia for U.S. Senate. This campaign will determine whether Republican candidate Herschel Walker or Raphael Warnock (the incumbent Democratic senator) wins.

In response to silence regarding a new voting law, a group of religious leaders representing over 1,000 churches in Georgia demanded a boycott of the store Tuesday.

They also criticized the inability to meet with them during the week following the law’s passing.

On Tuesday, the group met outside in Decatur to officially launch the boycott. They demand Home Depot publicly oppose SB202 and support litigation against the law.

Labels boycott a “necessary evil.”

Many people have criticized the company’s position. Critics accused Home Depot of not supporting the state voting law. Civil rights activists have condemned this.

Home Depot, Georgia’s home-improvement store, has responded to calls to boycott it by creating a video and press release.

The company touts its efforts to ensure all workers have the chance to vote and supports a bill in Congress to protect that right.

To counter the New Georgia Project’s push to target Atlanta-based corporations, the company has launched a series of social media ad campaigns.

The company’s latest effort to improve workers’ lives is represented in this ad campaign—the company’s most prominent ad to date.

The ad features a black-and-white photo of the CEO and a short video. This is an attempt to attract customers as well as employees.

Home Depot Responds

A coalition of Black religious leaders representing more than 1000 churches in Georgia demanded that Home Depot be boycotted.

Home Depot’s giant is accused of failing to protest new state voting restrictions that activists claim make it harder for Blacks and other racial minorities to vote.

Religious leaders claim that Home Depot “remained silent and indifferent to their efforts to get them to support the Republican-sponsored law.”

Other Georgia-based businesses, such as Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola, strongly opposed the law.

They met with activists, issued statements, and held virtual summits with business leaders to discuss changes in voting.

A group of Georgia faith leaders called Tuesday for a boycott of Home Depot.

They accused the company of not speaking out against new state voting restrictions, which activists have labeled voter suppression.

Their call to action was intended to warn other Republican-led states trying to restrict voter access.

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