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Working Principle of a Paddle Switch


When it comes to the paddle switch, it has a serious role to play in determining the powder or dust levels within a hopper or silos among the litter materials. The rotating shaft moves consistently with the help of a rotating paddle switch. Upon developing contact with the silo or hopper’s material, a gradually more than the rotating torque would have to be applied, stopping the rotation altogether. 

Working Principle of a Paddle Switch

The working of the paddle switch and its use case becomes more prominent and vibrant here in the first place. The level switch is actively monitoring and detecting the rotation taking place with the paddle. As soon as the cycle stops, the level switch becomes susceptible to the interruption and can now output the contact.

Working principle

The paddle switch’s working principle comprises the moment of change among the rotating paddle switch‘s resistance in the air and the medium it will hit against. The slowly rotating paddle is always on a level of the selected limit and powering up with the help of the electric current.

When restrictions are sensed, and the movement stops altogether, the detection becomes life, and the level switch starts to analyze the contact. The product that strikes with the freely floating paddles sparks resistance, and the rotation is prolonged here. 

The hinged transmission system as well changes its position, which in turn triggers a microswitch. As soon as the particle level is detected drops, the inverter will return to its initial work through spring force, causing the microswitch to restart the motor.

Furthermore, now the motor is ready for another level of detection. Not even the set parameter’s minutest quantities would go amiss by this exceptional level detection paddle switch. 

The working principle is extraordinarily vigilant and genius that doesn’t even allow the most nuanced of dust particles or some other foreign material to reside within the batch. This way, the consumers’ safety, and security can be assured. And is a necessary implementation that every industry out there should be made within their setup.

Nature of the paddle switches

Usually, the paddle switches are made from the most robust available material because these have to be used in relatively coarse and harsh environments. Powder, grain, lumps, and debris are the common elements of the environment these paddle switches have to work with. 

Durability, high quality of use, and reliability are some of the factors that you should be keenly observed when choosing to buy a dedicated variety of paddle switches.

Additionally, these level switches come in different working orientations as well. If you are looking forward to something that can take care of the stones and rocks, then those orientations are available. You would just have to do a little market research by yourself. 

On the other hand, if you want something that offers remote functioning to ease your production and compliance checking, those options are also available.

Advantages of working with paddle switch

  • It has an automatic rotating motor that doesn’t require setting it up or adding random value for it to work.
  • It can point towards the very fault it is experiencing through fault recognition systems. And there is no need to dismantle the whole product to reach the spot.
  • The installation process is elaborative and extremely convenient; you don’t need any professional help to go about it yourself through the manual.
  • The cover is transparent, and the body has a plastic build for easier installation and use.
  • The density at which certain elements have to be checked can be calibrated with just a press of a few numbers without any trouble.

Applications of the paddle switches

  • It finds its use in production industries where lumps, debris, and dust particles need to be detected.
  • The main work happens by tying it with the silos with bulk solids. And it works as a complete, empty, and requirement alarm in those silos.


To detect dust and any other foreign materials, the use of a paddle switch is highly recommendable. It would undoubtedly reduce work on your part and take care of the recommended levels by compliance authorities. Next time you use a paddle switch. You will indeed be more confident, as the above information will certainly help you.