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How to help school children learn faster?


The speed of learning ultimately varies for every child. No two leaves are the same and thus every child has his or her own way of understanding and internalising information that is being presented to them. The mode of learning in this day and age has also drastically changed due to various factors, one of which is the pandemic which as pushed almost all students into independent learning. 

How to help school children learn faster?

Students are in the throes of figuring out what works best for them to learn their content and this has left them alone with a heap of confusions. Especially for challenging subjects like Math, students aren’t sure if online math tuition is better for them, or whether private math tuition would be a good option.

Tutoring agencies in Singapore are doing an excellent job in seeking out the best tutors and matching them up with students who need dire help. Children has their own strengths and weaknesses and understanding them is the first step to excellence. 

So, here are some tips and tricks for parents as well as tuition teachers to follow in order to help children learn at a faster pace!


The law simply states that work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. This essentially sums up the fact that our productivity is simply dependant on our own self-discipline and integrity. We can do a single task the entire day or be efficient and complete ten tasks in that same day; the choice is ours. 

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So, what does this have to do with fast learning you may ask. It’s simple; productivity is key to effective learning. When students are being assigned tasks and told to study for a couple of upcoming tests, they need to learn how to manage their time and prioritise their tasks.

When things get done efficiently, there will be ample amount of time for children to also sit down and revise their topics and flag out the parts which they need to clarify with their tutor during their tuition sessions. 


Analysing oneself is of utmost importance. Students may be slow-paced learners and this feeling of lagging behind would take a toll on their confidence. For some students it’s not in their fabric to voice out their insecurities and this makes things even worse as they suffer in silence. 

Tuition teachers encourage students to analyse themselves and question their thought process. For example, in solving a mathematical problem students may have a particular way of deriving the answer which may not always work out.

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Tutors need to guide and question their students as to why they chose that mode of problem-solving and get them to verbally explain their thought process. Self-assessment goes a long way in helping students to excel as it teaches them to be more conscious with everything they do. 


Students should never buckle under pressure and give in to chronic stress and anxiety because an unhealthy mindset will never allow for easy learning. It has become the norm for students to take one step at a time to get through their hurdles. 

Though students may desire to be fast-paced learners, it’s not all possible for all of it to happen overnight. Good things take time and students need to be patient and believe in themselves that they will reach the end of the tunnel sooner or later. 


It is parents’ responsibility to encourage their children to have the right kind of food on their plate. You may wonder what food has to do with fast-paced learning in children; you’ll be surprised that it has a direct causal relationship.

Today researchers are advocating a whole-food plant-based diet which includes a good amount of pre and probiotics which keeps the gut microbiome healthy. Well-known physicians like Dr.Michael klaper, Dr.Milton mills and Dr.Neal barnard are encouraging parents to habitualise healthy eating and teach children to pick the good over the bad. 

With a healthy diet filled with essential nutrients, it enables students perform well in everything they do as it gives them to energy and clarity of mind of perform at an optimal level. 


Tuition teachers are some of the best individuals out there who can guide students in a personalised and customised manner. Students’ learning needs may vary to a great extent and tuition teachers are the only individuals who can guide them accordingly. 

If students seem to struggle alone, parents need to be able to pick up on that cue and ask their children if they need some extra help. Arranging for an online tuition or private tuition would enable students to pick themselves up and learn at a faster speed for sure!


Though the dynamics of learning has changed drastically over the past few years, a lot of the challenges remain the same. In order for students to be fast learners, they need to get the right guidance and be diligent as well as be patient through the process!