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Why Was Paul Pierce Stabbed?


Paul Pierce was stabbed. Played every game even though 11 of them were cut.

Because Paul Pierce was stabbed. He was stabbed eleven times in Boston’s “Bazz Club” in 2000. A lot has changed since then, but it still hurts.

It was twenty years ago today that Paul Pierce was stabbed eleven times.

Pierce played in all 82 games for the Celtics in the 2000-01 season, even though Boston’s Bazz Club is no longer open.

It was after the incident that Pierce said that he was depressed. He said that he kept a gun on him because he was afraid.

There were times when Pierce didn’t seem to notice that the event had a big effect on his life.

Why was Paul Pierce stabbed at the Bazz Club in Boston?

All the Smoke is a podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

Pierce talked about the night. At the Bazz Club, Pierce met his teammate Tony Battie when he went with some friends.

Ten-time In the beginning, things went wrong when he talked to women. He told me.

A man told Pierce to stop talking to a young woman before he got into a fight with her. Pierce has thought about that.

Pierce didn’t even know he had been stabbed because he was so excited.

Paul Pierce stabbing incident discussed on the All the Smoke podcast?

Paul Pierce was stabbed on the All the Smoke podcast, and it was talked about on the show.

Paul Pierce stab wounds

Pierce was stabbed 11 times and had to have surgery on his lung right away.

On the show, Pierce told the story. There were two different knives that stabbed him in the stomach three times and in the back five times.

To fix his right eye, he had to have surgery. It had been “scraped out.”

At the same time, a bottle hit the then-23-year-old in the head, which caused him to get a scar there.

The next time Pierce saw him, he was bleeding and had been stabbed, with blood running down his face.

“I can’t stay awake. I’m so worn out. Pierce said: “You need to go to the hospital.”

In the first place, Battie took him to the hospital right after he was hurt.

Pierce was not sure if he would live after everyone else found out. And if he did, there were a lot of questions about how his life would go after that.

If the knife was an inch to the left or right, Pierce said he might not have lived. Paul Pierce was shot.

Who stabbed Paul Pierce?

William Ragland cut him. Ragland was found guilty of assault and sentenced to 10 years in prison, so he went to jail.

This is what happened: Another man who hit Pierce during the fight was sent to prison by a judge.

It helped Pierce’s game because he was able to deal with both physical and mental trauma.

Because he was no longer a threat to them, they didn’t have to. When Kenny Anderson talked about Pierce’s accident, he said that even though he almost died, no one talks about it.

Even though he almost died and kept playing, nobody talks about it. “Now, you have to get it.”

You flee from that. At the same place for 11 or 12 more years. Crazy to think about this now.

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