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Who Is Real Hannah Baker, Really?


Real Hannah Baker is the protagonist in Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which is based on Jay Asher’s novel of the same name. Hannah Baker is a high school student who commits suicide and leaves a series of tapes detailing why.

Hannah’s story isn’t wholly made-up; Jay Asher was inspired to write it by an experience from one of his relatives who attempted suicide as a high schooler, as well as by other women in his life and an audio tour he took of Las Vegas.

We will explore Hannah Baker’s origins, the influence her story had on viewers and mental health awareness initiatives, and some details about the actress who played her – Katherine Langford.

What Inspired Hannah Baker?

Jay Asher published 13 Reasons Why in 2007 after working on it for over a decade. His goal was to write a realistic yet sensitive novel dealing with suicide that would help people experiencing similar emotions.

He noted his inspiration was drawn from both an intimate relative who attempted suicide as a high school junior, as well as stories shared by his wife and female friends at that time of their lives1.

He further revealed that the inspiration for using tapes as narrative devices came from an audio tour he took at an Egyptian tomb in Las Vegas. There, he was struck by “the eeriness” of listening to “a woman describe exactly what he was seeing but wasn’t present”2.

He wished to create a character who felt real and relatable, someone who could communicate her pain and anger through voice alone. Hannah Baker wasn’t based off anyone in particular; rather she represented a composite of situations and perspectives1.

Hannah Baker’s Story Reaches the Global Community

Hannah Baker’s tale has generated much controversy and debate since its adaptation into a Netflix series in 2017. While some praise the show for raising awareness about mental health issues, bullying, sexual assault prevention, and suicide prevention, others take issue with its portrayal of these topics and see it as glamourizing or trivializing them.

Some viewers have commented on Hannah and how they related to her experiences, while others felt disturbed or traumatized by the graphic scenes and depiction of suicide. Experts have warned against its potential negative repercussions for vulnerable audiences such as young people.

This show has also inspired considerable discourse and research on how media influences people’s attitudes and behaviors concerning suicide. Some studies suggest it could have increased suicide rates or suicidal thoughts among certain viewers, while other have proposed it could reduce stigma or increase help-seeking for others.

The show’s creators have defended their artistic choices and stressed their goal to be honest and respectful when depicting suicide. Additionally, warning messages, resources and the documentary 13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons were added as extra informational resources and support tools for viewers.

Hannah Baker: Who Is Behind Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker was played by Katherine Langford, an Australian actress born in 1996 who auditioned via Skype and was cast without ever meeting anyone from the show directly. Katherine Langford described it as both honoring and challenging to play such a crucial character onscreen.

She reported doing extensive research and preparation for her role, including reading the book, consulting psychologists, listening to music, writing poems and listening to audiobooks. Furthermore, she faced significant emotional stress during filming the show.

As Hannah Baker, she earned critical acclaim and a Golden Globe nomination. Additionally, she became a champion for mental health awareness and suicide prevention; with hopes that her work would inspire people to become more compassionate and empathic towards one another.

She left after only one season but made several cameo appearances throughout the subsequent ones. Since then she has appeared in other movies and shows such as Love Simon (2018), Knives Out (2019), Cursed (2020) and Moxie (2021).

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FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q. Real Hannah Baker?

No. Hannah Baker is an imaginary character created for the novel 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher that was later made into a Netflix series with the same title.

Q. Are the 13 Reasons Why based on true events?

No, 13 Reasons Why is not based on any true story; however, Jay Asher was inspired by an experience from one of his relative who attempted suicide as a high schooler, as well as other women he has known throughout his life.

Q. Who played Hannah Baker?

Katherine Langford played Hannah Baker and was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance.

Q. How did Hannah Baker die?

Hannah Baker took her own life after recording 13 tapes detailing why she committed it. In the bathtub, Hannah cut both wrists before bleeding to death.

Q. Why Did Hannah Baker Commit Suicide?

Hannah Baker decided to end her own life after experiencing numerous forms of bullying, harassment, abuse, and trauma both at school and in her personal life.

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