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Hampton Brandon – Why Hampton Got Arrested


Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 04:55 pm

Hampton Brandon :  Brandon was a streamer, was arrested for the second time after brandishing a knife in public.

Brandon Gross, also known as Hampton Brandon, has been arrested for the second time.

Sociopath Youtuber Hampton Brandon Arrested

hampton brandonBrandon (together with a crew of four others) approached fellow streamer Ebenezer “EBZ” Lembe’s car on Thursday night in Los Angeles, sprayed mace on his windshield, and then escaped in a car.

EBZ then caught up with Corinne, another streamer who appeared to be very upset by the scenario. On Lembe’s and Corinne’s feeds, every interaction was recorded.

Corinne replies, “I brought my lawyer here,” though she has no idea what a lawyer can do about mace on a windshield. “That’s why we don’t stream together since you’re not protected,” says the narrator.

Brandon and his gang arrived at Lembe and Corinne’s hotel in Beverly Hills a short time later (with Brandon maybe discovering their location by watching Lembe’s webcast.) Brandon emerges from the automobile, armed with a knife, ready to confront Lembe.

“You’re not permitted here,” Corinne repeatedly cries, but that doesn’t stop Brandon from hurling insults at EBZ and threatening him that he’ll die and that he knows where he lives. Brandon eventually departs.

“At this point, you don’t need to know anything else,” Lembe told his stream, referring to the fact that the events of the evening had been captured on video in real time.

“You want to shank me and then claim it was a brawl? ‘I pulled out a knife to defend myself because we were squabbling.'”

After the argument, Corinne phoned the officers, and Gross was arrested by the LAPD around 4 a.m. PDT, which Corinne documented on tape.

He is still in custody, has been charged with a felony, and is being held on $50,000 bond, according to the police report.

Brandon isn’t afraid of causing a stir. Multiple arrests have been made against the 25-year-old steamer.

Last year, security personnel physically removed him from TwitchCon, and a bounty hunter apprehended him on six separate warrants and for carrying a controlled substance into prison.

Brandon recently assaulted IRL streamer Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino in the face, creating a large black and blue mark on his face. Denino did not file a complaint.

Fans of Brandon’s online persona yearn for provocative content and admire him for the outlandish things he does in chat and online.

Despite being banned from Twitch and YouTube, he continues to stream on Instagram Live. Brandon has been out of prison in a matter of days in the past, but things appear to be a little more serious this time.

It will be difficult to avoid a charge of pulling a knife out on video while on probation.


On the Hampton Brandon subreddit, one redditor wondered. “Brandon will wind up in prison for a long period, it’s only a matter of time,” one person predicted.

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