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Battle a Team Leader 3 Times | ‘Pokémon Go’ Battle Guide


Battle a Team Leader 3 Times: The Pokémon Go Battle feature is now available, allowing trainers from all over the world to compete using their own Pokémon.

Battle a Team Leader 3 Times

Battle a Team Leader 3 Times

Although battling is popular in Pokémon games, the way Pokémon Go does it is a little different from what long-time fans of the series and the mobile game may be used to.

Niantic provided some details on how to set up battles and fight your Pokémon, but after spending some time with the latest feature, we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to the fundamentals of Pokémon Go battling (Battle a Team Leader 3 Times) and how to set up matches with friends and strangers.


Pokémon Go allows you to fight friends from all over the world. To begin fighting with those on your friends list, follow these steps.

  • Tap the friends tab on your trainer’s list.
  • Between Send Gift and Trade, there should be an icon for “fight” at the bottom of the trainer’s list.
  • Select “fight” and then “league” from the drop-down menu.
  • Pick your three Pokémon team once the League has been approved. You will not earn any incentives for battling if your inventory is complete.
  • Pokémon Go will give an invite to your friend to accept after you’ve chosen your party. By clicking the icon in the top left corner, you can still back out.


Training with leaders and fighting nearby trainers is relatively easy, just like facing mates. Here’s how to fight strangers when training with the three Team Leaders:

  • In the bottom right corner of the phone, tap the “Nearby” menu.
    To see the three Team Leaders and your own personal QR code, go to the “Battle” section.
  • To train with a Leader, simply pick “train” from Blanche, Candela, or Spark. Choose your squad, and you’ll face off against one of the Leaders.
  • To challenge a nearby trainer, tap the QR code to enlarge it so that it can be scanned by the trainer’s computer. This code will expire after a period of time, but it will be replaced with a new one.
  • Simply press “Challenge Trainer” to scan the QR code, and Pokémon Go will open the camera on your tablet to scan the code.


It’s time to fight now that you’ve chosen your three-person team and determined your foe. In Pokémon Go, the fundamentals of fighting other players are fairly straightforward. Pokémon can use their Quickstep by tapping the button, much like in Gym or Raid battles, Battle a Team Leader 3 Times. Continue tapping and fighting to charge up your Pokémon’s Charged strike, which is shown by the bottom-right icon.

It’s ready to go once the attack has been filled. When you tap the move, you’ll be taken to another scene where you must keep tapping the circle to make your Charged attack as powerful as possible. However, you will continue to take damage throughout this scene, but you will stop attacking even if your health reaches zero. After that, the Pokémon would actually pass out.

In addition to the new combat feature, Pokémon now have a second Charged assault. This second move is unlocked by spending a certain amount of Stardust and candy (each amount is Pokémon-specific). It’s a perfect way to give your Pokémon’s attacks more coverage, and it can be updated with a TM.

Now that you’ve mastered the offensive side of combat, it’s time to focus on the defensive side. To begin with, you can turn Pokémon in the middle of a fight. The first switch will happen instantly, but the switch mechanic must recharge after that. Your screen’s turn button is located in the bottom right corner.

how to battle in pokemon go

Though attacking is similar to Gym and Raid Battles, Battle a Team Leader 3 Times,  there is no swiping your finger across the screen to dodge attacks in PVP. Shields are used as defensive measures in the combat element. Each trainer is given two shields, which can only be used when an opponent’s Pokémon is about to launch a Charged attack. The teacher will be asked whether or not to use a shield. This is where planning comes into play. Do you take the hit to save your Pokémon or do you take the hit to save your shields for later in the battle?

After each fight, you can request a rematch, which will return you to your Pokémon team screen, allowing trainers to choose from a variety of Pokémon. In addition, your Pokémon will be completely healed after the battle, so there will be no need for recovery products.

To get the hang of fighting in Pokémon Go, make sure to practice with the three Team Leaders. There, you’ll learn when to use shields and when not to, as well as put your Pokémon team to the test.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon Go’s latest combat mode? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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