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Who is Vikki Douglas? is she really Pregnant


I Life magazine took a series of photos of Vikki Dougan back in 1957. Ralph Crane, the photographer, shot her from behind and focused on her back.

Milton Weiss gave her the nickname “The Back,” which she called herself. This made her famous. Model Vikki Douglas Milton Weiss, a public relations executive, noticed her attractive look.

Vikki Douglas

What happened to Vikki Douglas?

Vikki Dougan is the daughter of Wilber Dougan (nee Dougan) and Mary TookerMilton Weiss was a publicist and was fascinatedby Milton’s story. He encouraged her to wear a no-back dress. She was known as “The Back.”

Vikki Douglas Got Pregnant

Most likely, you’ve seen Vikki at a beauty pageant. Edith Tooker was conceive on January 1, 1929. When she was eleven years old, she began modeling.

She made her name in movies after that. She was featuredon the cover of Life magazine and won many beauty contests.

Vikki Dougan is best known for her delicate, elegant gown. Her stunning dress impresse the jury, and was awarded the number one spot.

The first time a backless gown was ever worn was also the first. Then, she would go on to appear in nine films.

She looks as beautiful today as she did back in 1980. Maybe she’s just lacking the sexy mojo.

Vikki Douglas  got back into modeling

Vikki Dougan’s modeling career was a significant turning point. She started appearing in beauty pageants again and modeling for magazines.

Life magazine featured her as its cover model in 1953. Jackie Gleason paid her $100 per Week for modeling and $250 per Week through television.

Her acting career didn’t take off, and she could only play minor roles in nine unremarkable films.

Media noticed her more when she started wearing backless dresses. Milton Weiss, a Hollywood publicist, ordered Vikki a few of these dresses. She quickly became known as “The Back.”

Her new name  chosen

Vikki Dougan conceived Edith Tooker in Brooklyn on January 1, 1929. As a child, she won beauty pageants and was a model.

 Vikki, Vickie Lester’s actress, became Vikki and used her maiden name as her last name.

The new name was much more Hollywood-y. It didn’t work out in her favor.

Dougan was a struggling actress and struggled to make ends meet.Vikki Douglastried everything, from Mary Kay makeup sales to going-go dancing to being a Kelly Girl temping.

She made a big wardrobe mistake at the Golden Globes.

She did! Hollywood stars laughed at the scandalous backless outfit. Milton Weiss, a publicist, ordered her a series of backless dresses. 

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