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Who Is Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, Himachal Pradesh New CM?

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The 15th and new Chief Minister of Himachal Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu will be the 15th Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh at Shimla’s historic ridge ground where Mukesh Adihotri will also take the oath.

President Mallikarjun Kharge and Rahul Gandhi attended the oath ceremony. This article contains information about the political leaders as well as the details of their activities on the ground.

Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu: New CM Of Himachal Pradesh

Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu

Let’s now talk about the new chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh. Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, an Indian political leader and currently the chief minister for Himachal Pradesh.

Born in Nadaun (Himachal Pradesh), India on 27 March 1964, he was raised there. After graduating from Himachal Pradesh University, he was a lawyer.

However, he is now a politician and the incumbent MLA Nadaun assembly constituency in Himachal Pradesh. He was president of the Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee from 2013 to 2019.

Who is Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu?

Mukesh Agnihotri, on the other hand, has taken the oath to become the first deputy chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh.

He is also a member the Indian National Congress, and is currently the deputy Cheif Minister for Himachal Pradesh. He was born in Sangrur on 9th October 1962.

His age is now 60. He married Professor Simmi Agnihotri, and they have a daughter. In 2003, he was elected to the State Legislative Assembly.

He was again elected from Santokhgarh Assembly Constituency in 2007. He was elected from Haroli in 2012, and he is now the deputy chief minister for Himachal Pradesh.

Jai Ram Thakur, the former chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, is an Indian political leader and was the former chief minister for Himachal Pradesh.

As the chief minister, he served from 2017-2022. He also won five consecutive terms as MLA in Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

Prior to that, he was the Cabinet Minister for the BJP government. India is home to the Federal Parliamentary Republic type of politics. India’s politics work within the Constitution.

Hamirpur celebrates the new chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, and the residents are too happy for their new chief minister

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