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WEAU Television News Anchor John Froyd Died Aged 89


John Froyd, a well-known TV journalist, died on Saturday 3 December 2022 in Santa Rosa. He used to work at WEAU Television news channel. Let’s know how John Froyd died?

At the time of his death, John Froyd was 89 years. His friends, family, and followers are sharing their love for him on social media. We will be sharing his life, career, family, and biography.

Who was John Froyd & How Did he die?

John Froyd was a Minnesota native, born 12 August 1933. He played many sports as a child, including basketball, tennis, and football.

He moved to Deephaven, Minnesota with his family when he was five years old and began living next to Lake Minnetonka. He used to live in the house built by his grandfather with his family and 3 brothers.

He completed his schooling and attended the University of Minnesota for his graduation.

However, he was drafted in the Korean War as a medic for the U.S. Army.

He returned from Germany and attended St. After returning from Germany, he attended St. There, you can also earn a degree in history and speeches.

John Froyd Career & Wiki/Bio

He was a DJ at KFAM radio station in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He held the positions of news director and announcer at stations in Green Bay, Wisconsin Rochester and Tomah.

He made many close friends with Green Bay Packers football players while he was there.

He began producing educational television programs after a while and was also an anchor and news director at KCMT/KNMT Alexandria, Minnesota in 1971.

He worked for years to grow the department and provide quality news programming to northern and central Minnesota. John also interviewed the vice-president of America. He joined WEAU in 1991, and remained there until 1998.

He retired in 2000 and began living with his wife, 2 children. In 2012, he moved to Northern California to be closer to his family.

Sources say he was an active member at Kenwood church, and used to play every day golf. He enjoys reading and spending time with his grandchildren.

John’s supporters and fans are sharing their condolences on social media. His cause of death is still unknown.

However, some rumors suggest that he had been ill for a while and died at the age of 89. His family will hold a memorial service in Kenwood, California.

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