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Sarah Sak: Anthony Walgate’s Mother and the Wife of Sami Sak


Who is Sarah Sak: Sarah is the mother of Anthony Walgate and wife of Sami Sak. Anthony was a fashion student he was 23 year old when he was mudered by serial killer Stephen Port. In this article we are going to discuss about who is Sarah Sak and how her son Anthony Walgate murdered. To get updated follow Chopnews.com

Who is Anthony Walgate’s mother?

Sarah Sak, 55, lives in Hull and is the mother of serial killer Stephen Port’s first known victim, Anthony Walgate, 23.

She works as a facilities manager while simultaneously advocating for improved policing.

She had divorced Anthony’s father, Tom, and was married to Sami Sak at the time of his death.

Anthony, a fashion student, was discovered dead outside Port’s apartment in Barking, East London, in June 2014.

Sarah was years tortured by the notion that she could have prevented Port from taking more lives, as depicted in the new BBC drama Four Lives.

“I ultimately realised I couldn’t have,” she added, “because no matter what I did or said, they just wouldn’t investigate and didn’t care.”

“For a long time, he got away with murder.

“I had nightmares afterwards, wondering whether there was anything else I could have done.””

Sarah claims she notified police 12 times that she suspected Port of murdering her son before he was eventually probed and convicted.

Despite her repeated requests for an investigation into her son’s death from an overdose of the date-rape drug GHB, she was informed there was “nothing to probe.”

Anthony Walgate Murder

Despite the fact that Port was sentenced to eight months in prison for lying about Anthony’s death, he was never charged with his murder.

He had already killed Gabriel Kovari, 22, and Daniel Whitworth, 21, by that time. After his release, the body of his fourth victim, Jack Taylor, 25, was discovered.

The deaths of the other three males were caused by “basic failures” by the police, according to an inquest conducted by the Independent Office for Police Complaints (IOPC).

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has apologised for the investigation’s errors.

“I believe she meant it,” Sarah remarked. Even though nothing will bring my kid back, I feel better knowing that improvements are being made.

“Knowing it’s all out there – everything the cops overlooked – even though we knew it all along – makes it easier to heal.””

She previously chastised the police for being “homophobic” for failing to connect the four young men’s deaths.

A Life Stolen: The Tragic True Story Of My Son’s Murder is set to be released on February 17, 2022.

Who portrays Sarah Sak In the BBC show Four Lives

Sarah is played by actress Sheridan Smith, 40, in the new BBC drama.

She stated that while filming the heartbreaking drama, she was “in bits crying every night.”

“I think Sheridan has me down to a tee,” Sarah added. I swear like a trooper, and I must admit that I didn’t think they’d recorded all of my profanity when I was recounting the story.

“I told the cops, ‘I hope you’re better than the last bunch at figuring out who killed my kid, since they couldn’t find a hole in their a**e.’

“However, I didn’t mind it being in there since that’s how it was.” Sheridan nailed me to a tee. She was a genius.”

Sarah and Sheridan have now become acquainted and even exchanged phone numbers, with Sarah revealing that she was assisting the actress in stepping into her shoes.

Where Anthony Walgate is now?

Stephen Port was convicted of the killings of four men, the first of whom was Anthony.

He was a student who aspired to be a well-known fashion designer.

To supplement his income while living away from his family in Hull, he occasionally worked as an escort through the website Sleepyboys.

He was approached by Port, who offered him £800 for an overnight job, while he was there.

After being given a fatal dose of GHB, Anthony was found dead outside Port’s flat in Barking, East London, on June 19, 2014.

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