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Top 5 Best Places to Eat for 5 Dollars London


Top 5 Best Places to Eat for 5 dollars in London: Hey guys welcome again to another article. This article is for only food lovers. If you like food and that to want it in cheap rates then you are reading the right one. London is a place which is well known and loved by tourist for its culture, historic monuments, lovely nature and also its food. If you are in London or are planning to visit London then surely try these following places to eat food. Here in this article I will be discussing Top 5 Best Places to eat for 5 dollars in London.

Top 5 Best Places to Eat for 5 Dollars in London

1. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is best place where you can eat for 5dollars in London. This place was setup in 1969 and now it is one of the largest chains in fast foods. It has juicy chicken, hamburgers, salads, sides, baked potatoes, variety of drinks, thick frosty, baked foods and kid’s meal.

Foods that you can eat till 5$ are cheeseburgers- Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy Single with Cheese($4.19), Son of Baconator($4.69), Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger ($4.99), Spicy chicken ($4.69), Ultimate chicken grill($4.69) Salad’s- Spicy Chicken Caesar($4.69), Asian Cashew Chicken.

Bacon & Cheese Baked Potato ($2.89), Natural-Cut Fries $2.19 Cheese Fries, etc… There are many outlets of these restaurants. So find one to your nearby.

2. City Caphe

City Caphe

This is another best restaurant in London to eat till 5 dollars. This is a French inspired restaurant. Here you will find Vietnamese’ Baguettes and street food.

Here you can enjoy variety of foods like Vietnamese baguettes, spicy lemon grass soups, rolls, classic noodles soups and salad. Now the main thing that we should consider is food till 5 dollars.

Her you can enjoy lemongrass tofu ($3.95), classic pork ($4.25), Viet chicken ($4.25), classic spring rolls ($4), fresh summer rolls($3.85),etc..

Address:-17 Ironmonger Ln, London EC2V 8EY, UK

Contact: – www.citycaphe.com

3. Smashburger


One of the best restaurants in London to eat food in 5dollars. Here you can find variety of foods like artisan buns, chicken sandwiches, signature sides and handspun shakes.

If you have any allergy then sees the allergy info. Foods such as American burger ($4.75), grilled salads ($2.95), French fries ($2.25), haystick onions($3), chocolate shake($4.50), Oreo shake($4.75).

There are many locations of these restaurants find one near to you.

Contact: – www.smashburger.com

4. Le rif

Le rif is another good restaurant in London. Here you can have starters, tagines, couscous, chicken, salads, sandwiches, cakes and desserts and many more items.

Under dollar 5 you can enjoy soups, falafel wraps, samosas, mixed salads, vegetable tagine, vegetarian couscous, spaghetti, prawn cocktail, chicken tikka, fish fingers, tarts, fudge cakes, and many more into the list.

Le rif is a restaurant that you must try for good and delicious food till 5 dollars.

Address: – 172-182 Seven Sisters Rd, Islington, London N7 7, UK

5. Arancini Factory

Arancini Factory

This restaurant is owned by Aracini brothers. This restaurant was started first on a street and now it is one of the biggest chains in London.

Here you can enjoy breakfast, risotta balls, salads, stew, burgers, drinks, desserts, etc… Foods till dollar 5 you can have Toastie with ham and cheese, Toastie with smoky bacon cheese and sweet chilies, risotta balls with zucchini, classic wraps, homemade brownie, etc..

Address: – 115A Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8PB, UK

So, I think I have helped you a little to give you a gist about best places to eat food till dollar 5. Surely try these places and enjoy the classic food of London and give a soothing experience to your taste buds. Thank you for reading the article and visit again for other such interesting articles.

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