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Who Is Jazdel Gabayeron? Found Dead After Six Days Of Disappearance


Jazdel Gabayeron who went missing on January 12, 2023, was set up dead on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, after six days after her exposure. It’s shocking news for the entire academy and family members.

Since the news came out about Jazdel Gabayeron, numerous individualities are trying to know the exact cause of her death and what happed to her, how did she die?

Numerous questions have been raised among people what was the reason behind her death? Was she boggled? Let’s find our further about the unfortunate incident and how did it be?

According to the sources, Jazdel Gabayeron’s body was set up in an abandoned bunkhouse near a casing complex then. She was reported missing on January 12, 2023, by her family members.

Along with this, the putrefying remain of Jazdel Gabayeron who was a pupil of SPED Integrated School was recaptured inside a new comfort room of the bunkhouse beside Conel Road and across the Camella Cerritos branch in Purok Malipayon, Barangay San Isidro.

The position was a many measures down from a road to her academy lot, where Jazdel Gabayeron was last seen on January 12.

What happened To Jazdel Gabayeron?

A report handed by the City Police StationNo. 4 said the body of Jazdel Gabayeron was located sprawled inside the comfort room by children playing hard the area at around 3 PM Wednesday and reported to the residers of the area.

Latterly, police reported to the crime scene and they set up Jazdel Gabayeron, who was still in her academy livery. Along with this, her phone, academy bag, and other particular effects were dispersed at the point.

Along with this, a quality 9 mm handgun and an empty shell were also set up near the departed body.

The entire Jazdel Gabayeron family broke down after seeing and attesting her remains were set up at the point.

A Facebook post reads, ” We’re burdened by the death of one of our Foursquare Youth named Jazdel Gabayeron.

Our sincerest condolences to the bereft family, may the LOVE OF THE LORD COMFORT YOU and GIVES YOU COURAGE in this delicate time”.

Multiple academy scholars are paying paeans to her and giving condolences to the family member who are going through a delicate time. She’ll be always flashed back by her favored bones.

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