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Ludacris Manager Chaka Zulu Charged With Murder And Arrested


Police detained Chaka Zulu, the manager of Ludacris, on suspicion of murder. Chaka Zulu shot two guys as he exited a restaurant in late June 2022.

Chaka Zulu said that he had shot the two men for his own safety after the incident. The daughter of Chaka Zulu, on the other hand, was saved and only suffered a minor wound.

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Why Chaka Zulu was arrested?

Chaka Zulu

The police detained Chaka Zulu, Ludacris’ manager, on suspicion of murder. According to the authorities, Chaka Zulu killed the two men in June 2022.

The manager of Ludacris, Chaka Zulu, was leaving a Bankhead restaurant that evening with his daughter and a friend when the incident occurred on June 12, 2022.

In the Bankhead restaurant’s parking lot, Chaka’s video was recorded. As seen in the video, Chaka, Ludacris’ manager, is the first to engage in conversation with a man.

Chaka Zulu and the man later appear to be fighting in the parking lot while the dialogue continues. As a third man approaches the area where Chaka and the other man were conversing, he puts his hand on his belt.

Ludacris Manager Charged With Murder, Details Of Charges!

Ludacris Manager Charged With Murder

The second man is pushed away from Chaka by a woman in the video, but he does not pull his pistol. A little while later, the two groups of three and four men arrive in the parking lot, and everyone immediately starts to fight.

When the conflict reaches its height, the crowd rushed Chaka and stamped their feet on him. After a brief pause, Chaka got to his feet, pulled out his revolver, and began to fire.

Three people, including Chaka, were shot with a gun in the month of June 2022. Chaka, however, claimed to the police that he had killed the other two men in order to protect himself from them.

It is crucial for him to accomplish that because he has stated that he is leading a low-key life. Chaka has been admitted to the hospital and is currently there in critical condition.

The daughter of Chaka, on the other hand, was fortunate to escape the situation unharmed.

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