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Who Is Jasha Lottin And John Frost Couple? Who Posed Naked Inside Dead Horse, Viral On TikTok


Now days a very horrible TikTok viral on Internet Jasha Lottin is an iconic naked woman from Star Wars who gets into a dead horse with her partner John Frost by her side This Video Is Very cruelty. Their photo went viral on TikTok as fans worldwide recognized them. A naked lady claimed she had been inspired by Star Wars after entering the carcass of a horse she had just butchered and killed. Know Who Is Jasha Lottin And John Frost Couple? Who Posed Naked Inside Dead Horse Photo That Went Viral On TikTok.

Jasha Lottin And John Frost Couple? Who Posed Naked Inside Dead Horse


Jasha Lottin, 21 from Oregon, shared graphic photographs online after she and partner John Frost shot 32-year-old horse “humanely” while it was in poor health.

Ms. Jasha Lottin explained her decision to climb into the horse as both an inspiration from a Star Wars scene and an attempt to be “at one with” it.

Her partner captured footage of the 21-year-old Portland woman trying to consume part of a dead horse, which was disturbing.

At 21 years old, I was inspired by Luke Skywalker’s scene in Star Wars where he climbs into a dead animal and climbs into its chest. According to Seattle Weekly, she got this idea after seeing Empire Strikes Back but had no idea why people were so concerned about her actions at that time.

According to an ‘aspiring model and nudist,’ Han Solo used his lightsaber to open an animal and place Luke Skywalker inside.

Luke tragically perished due to the cold. Ms Jasha Lottin insisted her actions were not religious in nature and she had no intention of offending anyone.

Authorities investigated the couple, though they were never charged with anything, due to their images. According to Washington County authorities, neither committed a crime.

Not only is a photograph of the petite woman (5’6″ and 119lbs) beaming from within the horse’s cabin, but another photograph captures her bloodied body standing outside it in front.

The woman and her partner hold the animal’s heart in front of each other as they pretend to eat it. Sergeant Dave Thompson from Washington County expressed his disbelief at this graphic evidence.

In 2011, internet users were horrified when they encountered graphic images of a naked woman inside an abandoned horse. As reported by HuffPost at the time, Jasha Lottin and her partner John Frost had had to put their 32-year-old horse down due to its failing health.

According to the outlet, Jasha and her partner shot and gutted an animal before photographing it for publication online.

These photos of Jasha are too graphic for us to show here, but many people expressed concern at the time, cautioning others not to search for her name online.


Jasha’s story often surfaces on social media, which is why it’s trending on TikTok right now. Some users have warned against looking up the story if you are sensitive to graphic content; we urge you not to search for images if this applies to you.

One TikTok user wrote, “Omg, never again; I think I just puked.” Another wrote, “Can’t sleep because it was so cringe.” Someone else added: “I just Googled them and it looks like my eyes just vomited.”

In other news, what will be happening on TikTok on March 3rd 2023? Users of video-sharing platform TikTok have expressed shock at the return of a story about Jasha Lottin.

In 2011, Jasha Lottin and her then-boyfriend John Frost became the focus of national media attention after news of their deceased horse spread online. This couple’s 11 year romance has recently gone viral on video-sharing platform TikTok.

Jasha Lottin and Dead Horse Story Revealed

In 2011, people were horrified to come across grisly photographs of a naked woman inside the corpse of an aged horse online. HuffPost reported at the time that Jasha Lottin and her partner John Frost had had to put down their beloved 32-year-old horse due to its unsound condition.

According to reports, Jasha and her companion shot and gutted a horse before photographing it for social media postings. Jasha then undressed, crawled into its corpse, and posed for photographs that quickly went viral online.

Many at the time expressed concerns about the graphic nature of Jasha’s viral images and advised others not to search for her name online due to them.

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Pictures Lead to Police Investigation

Fearing animal cruelty, investigators took a closer look into Jasha and John’s case when their story went viral. According to a police report obtained by HuffPost, neither man was charged with any crimes since their conduct did not infringe upon any state or local laws in Oregon.

Washington County Sergeant Dave Thompson told the publication, “The fact that she crawled into the horse between killing and eating does not constitute a felony.”

“If they had killed the horse only for photographic purposes – we would have had a case for animal cruelty.”

According to The Magazine, after Jasha and John’s story gained national attention and they received death threats, they decided to flee Oregon.

Check Out If You Recognize This Dead Horse Couple: Jasha Lottin & John Frost’s Viral TikTok Photo

Oregon resident Jasha Lottin, age 21, and her boyfriend John Frost, 24, “humanely” shot 32-year-old horse while it was sick, then posted graphic photos of herself online.

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Ms. Lottin explained her decision to ride the horse as being inspired by two reasons. A scene from Star Wars had inspired her decision, and entering the stall allowed her to feel “at one with” the animal.

Her partner snapped a horrific picture of the 21-year-old Portland woman, covered in blood as she attempted to consume some pieces of the deceased horse.

At 21, I  inspired by Luke Skywalker’s entry into a dead animal scene from Star Wars. Seattle Weekly reports her inspiration came from watching Empire Strikes Back, and as far as she was concerned, nobody should be worried about her.

According to “an aspiring model and nudist”, Han Solo placed Luke Skywalker inside an animal by cutting it open with his lightsaber.

Luke couldn’t make it through the winter and ultimately died.

Police investigated the photographs but ultimately decided against pressing charges. Washington County law enforcement states that the couple did nothing wrong.

Picture one shows the tiny woman (5 feet tall, 119 pounds) smiling inside the horse while another image displays her lifeless body lying before it, covered in blood.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Thompson visibly disturbed by what he witnessed – holding it before them like a piece of food.

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