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Chuck Jackson Death Cause: ‘Any Day Now’ Singer Dies at 85


Unfortunately, American singer Chuck Jackson passed away recently at 85 years of age. His hit single “Any Day Now” made the Top 25 and now rests in eternal peace at age 85. Read the full article to know about Chuck Jackson death cause.

This news has come as a shock and tragedy to the music community as they have lost one of their talented individuals.

Now his fans across social media platforms have been mourning his passing online. To provide further insight into this tragic event, we will share more details in this article; so let’s continue on with it.

Chuck Jackson was an acclaimed American singer-songwriter, one of the first artists to record material by Burt Bacharach and Hal David with great success.

Since 1961 he performed with moderate success, charting hits such as I Don’t Want to Cry, Any Day Now and All Over the World. In 19459 he signed with Clock Records after touring with The Del Vikings from 1957-59.

Chuck achieved great fame due to his exceptional work which earned him many awards; please scroll down for more details about this news story.

Why Did Chuck Jackson Pass Away?

Chuck Jackson, an iconic R&B singer, passed away at 85 on February 16th 2023. Ady Crosdell of Ace Records’ Kent Records division confirmed his passing news, although no cause of death had yet been disclosed.

If you’re curious to find out more about this sad development then read on – the full article can be found below.

Chuck Jackson was born on 22 July 1937 in Winston Salem, North Carolina but grew up in Latta, South Carolina where he sang for a gospel group before moving to Pittsburgh at 13 years old.

Through his best work he earned immense respect from those around him; since his passing news spread online many people have expressed their sadness to his family and paid tribute on social media platforms. May Chuck’s soul rest in peace.

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