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When did Itachi Uchiha die in the Naruto manga and anime?

Itachi Uchiha die
Itachi Uchiha die

Naruto fans recognize Itachi Uchiha as an iconic figure from both manga and anime series of Naruto. Although he passes early, his impactful presence reverberates through both storyline and Sasuke’s character development, and fans adore him due to his tragic backstory and loving relationship with Sasuke. Itachi Uchiha remains one of their fan-favorite characters.

Itachi Uchiha die
Itachi Uchiha die

One of the most unforgettable scenes from Naruto involves Itachi’s death; however, due to him being reanimated later, Itachi actually dies twice over the course of the storyline; once early in Shippuden and later during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Let’s take a closer look at when and how Itachi met his demise in manga chapters and anime episodes.

Expand Tweet mes Itachi’s first death is an iconic event in the series and marks his final and definitive endpoint, occurring in chapter 393 of the manga, My Eyes and episode 138 of the anime, entitled The End.

Sasuke finally encounters Itachi after searching for him for so long, engaging in an intense battle before Itachi collapses and dies suddenly, surprising Sasuke as it seemed likely Itachi would win. This momentous occasion marks one of many memorable scenes from Naruto: Sasuke finally encounters and confronts Itachi after long searching. They engage in an epic duel until suddenly Itachi collapses unexpectedly before any harm comes to Sasuke. This shocks both combatants, however.

Tobi later informs Sasuke of Itachi’s efforts to protect him, even during this fight. Itachi had held back in hopes that Sasuke would strike down and end it all himself; his illness likely meant that this plan wasn’t too likely anyway; by planning his own demise he ensured Sasuke could gain his powers by taking away Itachi’s eyes.

Sasuke then received all of Itachi’s ocular jutsu, awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan. Although it appeared that Sasuke had killed an incapacitated Itachi, Itachi orchestrated every detail of his first death very carefully to benefit Sasuke; marking this event as Itachi’s ultimate demise.

Unexpectedly, Itachi dies again later in the story after being reanimated a second time – this happens in Chapter 590 of the manga (I Will Love You Always) and itachi dies in which episode? It’s Episode 339 of the anime (I Will Love You Forever).

Kabuto Yakushi used Reanimation Jutsu to resurrect Itachi along with several other dead shinobi who had fallen during the Fourth Shinobi World War, though his control over him wasn’t completely restored; hence forcing it into combat against Naruto and Killer Bee.

He finds an opportunity to break free from Kabuto’s hold by using the crow he placed inside Naruto during their last conversation; when released from Naruto’s mouth, Itachi regains control. Together with Naruto and Killer Bee, Itachi confronts Nagato, another reanimated shinobi under Kabuto’s control, and they manage to defeat her successfully.

Following this event, Itachi meets Sasuke and together they take on Kabuto together. During this confrontation, Itachi employs his genjutsu to force Kabuto to release Reanimation Jutsu, effectively ending it and returning all reanimated shinobi back to their respective afterlives; This death of Itachi signified his true end as it wasn’t ever fully alive again after its initial burial.

In conclusion, Itachi Uchiha’s first death at Sasuke’s hands was intended as his true end – his love for Sasuke informed many of his decisions, including this one.

However, his second death marked an end of this technique and signalled its eventual demise; nevertheless, Itachi continues to resonate deeply within Naruto universe; underscoring his immense importance and legacy.

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