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SypherPK Is Roasted by Ninja in Fortnite’s First YouTube Stream


Ninja’s inaugural stream on YouTube caused quite the buzz, with everyone discussing what differences it would bring when switching platforms. Unfortunately for SypherPK however, due to Ninja and his crew’s subtle jabs against him during his stream.


Fortnite news provider HYPEX noticed Ninja had scheduled a test stream on YouTube. Word quickly spread among Fortnite players that the Ninja had joined forces with YouTube gaming – leading many people to speculate whether his wife tweeted:

This stream was an overwhelming success and has amassed over 3 Million views since. His peak concurrent viewer count reached over 176,000. Even after not streaming for an entire year, Tim The Tatman, CouRage, and DrLupo’s stream got people talking on Twitter; you can watch some of their best reactions here.

Ninja Roasting SypherPK

Everyone watching Ninja’s stream looked happy except SypherPK, who was most likely amazed at how many people were watching it live. However, he actually got himself roasted by Ninja, even prompting a reaction from sypherpk wife. Sypher later posted his own video titled “So I Got Roasted on Ninja’s First YouTube Stream.”

Ninja makes an audio clip in which she suggests that, given his video is getting so many viewers, Sypher must already be working on clickbait videos for both his main and second channels. They then suggest various video titles including ‘Everything Epic Didn’t Tell You About Ninja Streaming on Youtube’ and ‘Ninja Signs 20-year Youtube Contract.’

Sypher uploaded a clip showing Ninja and his group trolling him for posting videos with clickbait titles, to which he responded “When I gain success my friends begin criticizing me. To be clear Ninja, my name as clickbait and my face used in stream are my own.

SypherPK was also happy to join in the fun, as she and SypherPK frequently play Fortnite together and engage in this kind of bantering. Their argument about Fortnite changes shows their deep passion for it – we could expect even more roasts in future as Ninja may consider transitioning over to YouTube Gaming.

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